Should we care more?

Father is always caring other relatives, who has not job, who has not home, who has not husband, who is sick, but he always forgets his family…when we were children, however we were in hardship, father always was concerned about others relatives… but we never got any help from others, when they were in good situation, even they forget us for days …but when they need help my father tries to solve to help…and he don't care about his family more …should he cares such persons, when they don't call us even to know about ours conditions, moods, problems, …

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  • All fathers are same ... and all children as well .. sure all wives too ...

  • It simply reminded me my father.  He was the same.  During our hard times when there was not so much money to run even daily routines, if my father earned some, and on way back home, there came any one even not relative, and ask him for help, he used to give that money to him.  

    This was my father.  When later on we all stood on our foot, and found nothing inheritance to quarrel with each other, while there were law suits on this issue among our cousins, we realized that my father was right.  He just wanted us to face the hardship ourselves, and stand tall on our own foot.  

    You know he died a peaceful death, even not provided us any longer time to help him, just got heart attack and finish.

    With richness all around, it becomes hard to leave this mortal world.

  • Thank you friends...Rose Iris as u told it hurts me too much ...sometimes when I see how much the are selfish and they think only about their family and happiness and forget us ...I feel it is not fair ....I don't expect them return every thing that my father does...I even think they don't like my father and the steal our happiness... however now I my family could solve hardship situation and we feel happy ....thank you Onee-chan and Rosemary :)

  • Dear Venus,

    Doing something without hoping something in return is not easy. It's normal to think that people should return favor. But if we expect OR think of a person who doesn't understand this, it will hurt ourselves.

    According to me, it's a choice whether we should keep nice to them or not. I will choose to be myself. I believe there would be sweet fruits we can pick from the fine seeds that we planted.

  •     Don't hold a gurdge aganist your father my dear friend  . In some societies  especially estern ones people are abide to many obligations toward their blood relatives  . It is how things are  . Your father might have been done his best toward them  , they are the one you should blame for taken your father  from his own duties toward his family . 

             However  , don't you look behind your shoulders  concentrate on the present  only , your father is a man with a good nature  , who , was under their exploitation  that's  it  and  no one can do 2 things right . I am sure that he did the best with you and your siblings  as well  . Forgive them all dear and learn a lesson from all of this , which is your family should be your priority    . Nevertheless  , this dosent  mean  that we should stop helping others around us .

  • Your father's primary responsibility should apply to his wife and the children. When they do not need his support he may take care of others.
    At least, that is my opinion.
    If they don't give anything in return, when you are in need, and they don't care how you are, I wonder if they don't know what thankfulness is. Someone who only takes and never gives is selfish. That's not a good attitude. It's just bad behavior. If your father still supports this behavior, you should speak with him and ask him why he acts in that way. Maybe he isn't aware of how he hurts you all.

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