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  • Hunger as they say is the cause of resolutions . However , when I look deep to the Islamic culture and follow it through history , I don't find this cause . In Islam it's when the governor attack Islam or be an opressor he should be stopped by his subjects .
    Food crisis where solved through social support by the people themselves and the governor . In Islam there isn't " pay for principal " as in capitalism . People are urged to give support and help for each other , because , that's Allah orders . Muslims scholar teachings were mostly against the shed of blood a thing which is crucial from my own point of view .
    In a TV program after the Eygptain revolution , I saw a 2 people a young man in his 20 speaking in rage that all government members responsible for corruption and hunger should be killed and an old man in his late 60 trying to clam him down saying " Eygpt won't be a bath of blood "
    Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him entered the Holy city of Makkah gaining the victory of Islam . He stood among people waiting for their punishment saying " go all of u are free " why didn't he take revenge from those who tried to kill him several times ? Why didn't he imprisone them ? Why didn't he start his killing .
    Because he was carrying a massage to change the whole society . Revolutions are destructive . However , what can people do instead of them ????? Here lies another big question

  • Hi Venus! 

    I think, there are different kinds of revolutions. But maybe in most cases it is because of accumulated dissatisfaction/disappointment of people, caused by too bad leadership of country.

    Unfortunately the wars begin by those people, who don't take part in them. And I think, the roots of the wars are always power and money.

    The world is always in war because there are always some people, that think, they are better than others. And they always want to have more money than others.

    Btw :) This is a section for the discussions of introducing. You can edit your discussion by changing a section of this discussion to "General discussions".

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