You might not believe it!

All people possibly experience love in life...sometimes true love and sometimes one-way love...

when we involve in one-way love, especially for long time, it may destroy our self confidence, we may love truly but our love may not return us any emotional  feedback...we may feel that we aren't lovable...if we involve this situation for long time, it could bring some not good results for us...think that someone fall in love with us, he/she tries to show his/her love, but we might not believe it because of that we felt for long time we aren't lovable ...the if sometimes you can't get someone you love, maybe she/he has experienced one-way love and he/she isn't able to believe your love truly. Then maybe he/she needs time to accept your love, give him/her time ....

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  • But there is always healing from this suffering.  By the way these are all teenage feelings.  When a person gets matured, it is not easy to be affected by "love" unwisely or without logic.  My advice, is to make career be given priority. 

    Anyway, giving advice is easier.  These are the feelings of those who suffer. 

  • Hey Dear Venus,

    I would say it is the worst feeling one can ever be in. In one side love, a person who fell in love keeps on trying to be with his or her lover and try to communicate and express his or her love. Most of the times such love is true and intense one. But the truth is no person in this world can change another person's heart and make feeling for him or her. In such cases, it is better to leave that person when u realize the love is from your side only, the early you convince your heart the less pain u will get.


  • Hi Onee-chan and thank you for commenting ...yes you right

  • Hi Venus,

    Mm....I can say this writing is about someone who is falling in love but in confusion. ^^

    I agree with you. We should be patient and sincere about it. :)

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