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Did you know? -01

We can use an adjective in two ways:

When it adds quality to a noun/pronoun

He is a tall man.

That is called attributve use. It means you can place adjective before noun/pronoun it is adding quality to. 


When it adds quality as a predicate 

He is tall

Can you write more examples?

Sounds silly but sometimes we are right and we doubt ourselves, so I will try writing these sily "Did you know?" posts...

Let's see if I can really write more often..

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It's a Hiatus, not the End.. Bye EC..

Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to say I decided some changes as a lot of goals coming to touch deadlines ... and a lot of new things going to start ... I want to focus on things more ... I feel it will be good I cut my habit to chat here... I will be back ... when ? I don't know.... 

Hope you all enjoy chit-chatting, fighting, and laughing together. Oh yeah and learning!! 

Thanks for good company.. 

Have a good time here... 

Bye bye ... 

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A little trick for spelling

Hey learners, 

So I was reading an article and found this little trick might help you as well when you have to write spelling and there is no way to check ( as in most of English exams).

I am posting it here as it is on source site:

I/E Rule

Write I before E

Except after C

Or when it sounds like an A

As in "neighbor" and "weigh"

i before e: relief, believe, niece, chief, sieve, frieze, field, yield

e before i: receive, deceive, ceiling, conceit, vein, sleigh, freight, eight


seize, either, weird, height, foreign, leisure, conscience, counterfeit, forfeit, neither, science, species, sufficient.

There is also exercises available on source site to practice these rules. 


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Vocablog Challenge 04

Hey there, 

Let's learn two more words before the year ends. 

Exotic: Adjective: Something is exotic because it is attractive due to being out of ordinary or colorful. Like these are exotic birds.. 

Zeal: Noun: Great energy or enthusiasm for something. 

Example: I can only blame the zeal for travelling for my low savings but I feel it is worth for the life saving vivid memories than money. 

Happy learning and 

Have a happy new year!!

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Vocablog Challenge 03

So exams are over and I can continue the challenge!

Hope you remember that you don't have to stress on writing a Shakespearean piece, just a few lines are enough to practice new words. Just use then in context and try to remember ..

Here are the words:

Hallucination:  (Noun) : So tell me if you have seen something that does not actually exist or not really in front of you... and you are not dreaming as well, yes you are awake and you are hearing voices that are in your head.... ever happened? if that happened well better go to the doctor soon as you are hallucinating :P

Hallucination is an experience of something that is not really there, not existing. Like hearing, smelling, seeing something in your head ... it more happens when you are under drugs or you are schizophrenic  :D 

Hallucinate is verb form. 

Another word is

Exaggerate: (verb) meaning to describe something with some extra lies to make it look more than what it is... like remember when you were kid and you always told some stories to you friends at school ... "my dad bought me a big teddy bear... so big so big more than my bed and now i sleep on it.. I swear I am not lying..."

well you were exaggerating... 

Here is the article where I read these words, so if you wanna read it as well ...

Though I already knew them but I feel for a lot of members here it might be new words.. 

Give it a try, write a small blog using these two words... 

Good luck... 

Enjoy learning... 

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Luci' Halloween Challenge: Ghost in my house

This is a true story and I have witnesses who will assure you that this really happened at the house. It happened with my younger sister. We were in our teen years and summer vacations were going. During those days our state was struggling with power crisis and almost every night power was cut for 8-12 hours, yes that is almost all night. 

As I said it happened with my sister, she was quite a tom boy and always tried to prove she never fears with anything. So we have a big 2 story house in village with 10 around rooms. Most of time we all are on ground floor but during that summer my aunt came to village to live with and she was staying in the room on first floor. Her room was at the end of hallway that crosses 4 other rooms those were always dark if power is cut. 

So one night, it was all dark and my aunt called to bring something upstairs as she had a lill baby, my cousin and she couldn't come downstairs. My sister said she will go there without candle while my mother told her to get one with her but she well wanted to prove that she is not afraid of dark. She was passing through the first room and suddenly everyone heard her screaming in fear. Someone suddenly tried to grab her legs when she was walking and touched her. Everyone ran towards her. She started running to my aunt's room.. 

My aunt came first with her torch light and she ran to her and started crying with fear and she walked back to the room to check and I cracked up in laughter when aunt flared light on me. I was the ghost playing prank on my lill sissy sis lol. I am mean I know lol and every one scolded me for it.. But I still laugh whenever I remember her screams lol 

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Horror Dream

Just woke up minutes ago, it's 5:30 in morning. I used torch in my phone to check if she is flying in my room and then after convincing myself that it was a dream I turned on lights of my room so that I won't freak out. But I still need to share it with someone and I am all alone atm so I am sharing it here..

The dream I don't remember where it started but I was with my evil sister and the place was completely strange house. My sister was taunting me continuously about my joblessness with really heart boiling comments. I took a job as a personal care assistant for a 1-2 year old girl. When I reach to meet first time to this house they asked me to understand girl is a little different and was victim of some accident that made her like this. I walk into room with mother (i guess) who was telling me this, and when we reach to her bed i see a groaning girl's body who is i felt she is dead but alive, and to describe, her lower half was crushed and hanging vains and meat that probably was crushed under some vehicle and her upper half was like scratched while she was dragged under tires while her lower half getting crushed.

I looked at mother just to not freak out though breathing heavily and trying not to show my discomfort. She is cool, called her name (that I don't remember now) and told the girl that I am going to take care of her so not to leave home when I am there. Girl only groaned again and I am almost dead inside still standing. Mother took me out in living room again and started telling me that if I am wondering how she goes out it's by flying. I am still trying to process and she said she understands if I am a bit shocked.

But asked me to keep her engaged at home so that people will not be disturbed outside. In a way she said she doesn't want people getting scared by that ghost. She asked me if I can and I just saw girl flying outside at sudden. We ran to street and i saw mother somehow convinced her to get back. At this point I somehow still not able to utter a word but nodded yes I will work when I looked at mother.

I came back home and still not saying anything but when my sister asked if I got the job it broke mine till now silence I was scared and I started telling everything to her so that I get some hold on reality and she might comfort me. She started laughing and also blurting out hateful rant that I don't want to work so I am making up such stupid stories and I did not go to interview in real.

I am disgusted with my sister and next I see I went back to the girl's house. I went to her bed and I start saying some of typical lines with barely able to utter that, "I am here to play with you, you don't have to go to playground we will have fun" something like that but really almost with hiccups of fear. She groaning and I know at the moment no one else is at the house.

The girl started flying again and I am freaking following her outside, on road, people freaking and I am begging her to get back, and we enter at some place like some office building. I felt she is trying to find someone and at a moment I felt she is looking for guy who killed her. At this point she gave me a look like she was reading my thoughts and approved that "yes this is what I am doing". I at this point got a composure type feeling, and started just following her but still thinking that this ghost is way better than my sister.

She again I guess read my thoughts and now she got out of that office and turned to my house. I am running I felt she might kill my sister and trying to stop her. We reached to my home and my sister saw her already, as she was ahead of me, I hear cryings and somehow I feel satisfied what she is doing to her, she was just hovering on my sis' head when she was running in fear, she started coming to me in hope of help but I just said loud, "now you know" and she turned to outside, Ghost followed her to the road and it's all night outside now I hear very bad groaning of that dead girl flying after my sister and very dreadful crys of my sister and I am standing still at this point calm like justice is happening somehow and ....

I started waking up like not opening my eyes but know I am in bed or maybe I am still standing there... I feel numbness in my legs around knees and when I open my eyes I found myself in unusual posture I never sleep in that with my legs arched, I feel blood is not maybe reaching to knees and I looked at almost dark room and just a sudden shiver went inside me feeling that she is flying in room. I used torch and .... you know rest..

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Vocablog Challenge - 02

Time for new words guys!!

I have two beautiful words for beautiful women..

Comely: Adjective: Means attractive, good looking, someone who makes you feel pleasant when you look at them (mostly used for woman).

Pulchritude: Noun: Means Beauty.

Example: Her comely face was beaming with pulchritude and bounded everyone's eyes like with a magic spell.

Now you have to write a really small blog using these two words..

do not stress yourself, you can write just two paragraphs, you can write anything, story, joke, a dream or anything that comforts you.. but just use these two words in it. 

I hope it will help you to remember these two words and will make you learn how to use these words. 

Enjoy Learning!!


Here is a recap of last challenge:  

Clamorous ________________________________

Vivid _____________________________________

If you can tell me what is their meaning that you learned in last challenge, I will be glad that it worked.. 

If you missed it last time here is link
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Vocablog Challenge - 01

As Mary pointed, and Josef became serious about less activity, here is my effort to give a try to revive blogging activity on EC again.

As I promised to Paula that I will leave my comfort zone.. and after adding inspiration from Expector Smith's blog I came up with this easy and creative writing challenge..

This writing challenge is based on new words. I will introduce only 2 new words to you. And you can write a short two paragraph blog using these two words. You are free to write anything, a story, a thought, an opinion but you have to use these two words in that.

Words for this week are:

Clamorous: (Adjective): means noisy, loud. 

Example: A clamorous group of kids passing through street woke up my little princess.

Vivid: (Adjective): means lively,

producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.

or if we are talking about colors then it means intensely deep or bright. 

(some meaning taken from Google)

Example: My diary is filled with vivid description of my every day. 

Here is another blog by Mishaikh that might help you to write blogs. 

But let me tell you do not panic, go easy, do not worry about mistakes, we will try to correct you.. just give it a try.. just write a short blog ... 

Good luck with learning!!

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Two things to remember about MyEC

MyEnglishClub I feel the word My with a great extent of truth of being this site as My place. And I know you people feel the same way. But still let’s recall why we love MyEC

Almost every member here was googling for “an English learning site” when they found MyEC. Yes it was the interest and eagerness, for some even love, to learn English language that brought all of us to this small friendly island of English Learners on the ocean of internet. So, do not forget you met all these friendly, bittersweet people who are trying to learn and enjoy the process of learning together.

Josef made it with a clever structure. He teamed up with a good teacher Tara and some other joined this team to guide these learners. He gilded it with facilities like blogging, discussion rooms, chat rooms, personal profile, groups and encouraging members list (star members), photos, videos, music and even he made voice blogging possible here. These all facilities so that we can learn and improve how to read, write, speak and listen English.

It feels like a virtual school where people come to learn English while enjoying the beauty of it all together. So, as in a school room you make friends along with learning. Here we do that as well. Some are just friends till they stay at school when they move out they go on their path. Some become friends for a long even they leave this place but they stay connected.

Now the most important part of this place is team of teachers. If teacher is absent for a while we are just a bunch of students doing all chatter putter, no learning. If they will leave school there is no meaning of calling this place school anymore. It then becomes a club or bar where we talk and chit chat, share ideas, show agreement- disagreement and sometimes fight.

When I joined EC, there was really a big team of teachers active here now we have few. I wanna recall those who left and show my gratitude as I feel such respect that they volunteered for us and left such a vast content for learners on this site.

Along with teachers we have moderators who are volunteering to keep this site decent and troll free. Thanks to all of them that this place is not turning into a street gang type place.

Also all learners, we are part of this community. Some are really good friends some are good enemies as well but please remember with all of our bittersweet brawls do not disrespects teachers here for sake of our friends. Teachers are sometimes harsh and I know we love our friends more than them but after all a friend will help in bar fight and teacher will help in job interview so be wise. If you have really good bonds with each other share other contacts like as we keep contact of our friends out of school by sharing number, Facebook or mail. Keep a school as school and a learning platform as learning one. As we can’t turn school into bar we can’t turn MyEC into Facebook.

All I wrote it to remind everyone two things. First, respect teachers no matter how harsh they are to you, they are not getting salary here unlike school. They deserve more respect than any teacher we had in school as they are volunteering. Second, share contacts of your besties with each other so that when they take a leave from here or decide to leave for forever you still can contact them without disturbing environment of our beloved MyEC. 


I felt some newbie might be wondering who are those teachers. I am leaving a list in comment. You can check these useful pages and find a lot of material. 

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