Vocablog Challenge 04

Hey there, 

Let's learn two more words before the year ends. 

Exotic: Adjective: Something is exotic because it is attractive due to being out of ordinary or colorful. Like these are exotic birds.. 

Zeal: Noun: Great energy or enthusiasm for something. 

Example: I can only blame the zeal for travelling for my low savings but I feel it is worth for the life saving vivid memories than money. 

Happy learning and 

Have a happy new year!!

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  • Hello Evangelina! I don't know what to say:)

    I just read it and it is realy good. I like it!

  • Hello Roman,

    You really read my story here, thank you so so much.

    Maybe plot was good, but I like the way you wrote your post.

    I appreciate that you noticed my comment here :)

  • Hi Evangelina! The plot of your story I like maybe most of the participants! Thank you very much for sharing it!

  • great!!  informative... 

  • Thank you Rahul, Roman and Eva for your interesting and beautiful blogs. :)

  • Muskan,

    Here is my try ...;

    “Once upon a time, there was a zealous adventurer. He recalled a story as he heard from his childhood, about an exotic fruit that only grew on the top of the highest iceberg in Antarctica.

    For long he speculated whether this story was a myth or real. As he was a zealous adventurer, he felt great zeal for finding out what was the exact truth.

    He traveled to The Antarctica in search of the exotic fruit. For long he searched here and there, time passed and he had to build himself an igloo, he soon reminded of Robinson Crusoe.

    On day he realized, that the only exotic fruit on The Antarctica, ... Was himself!”

    Okay, this was the story, I know a little bit bizarre but I gave it a try :))


  • Hi Muskan! Here is my participation:


    Thank you for this blog:) I knew the words but I didn't use them often.

    Thank you Far and Mishaikh for the different forms of these words!

    Thank you Muskan! Have also happy, successful and wonderful New Year! ;-)

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  • Mishaikh wow! again a great example, thanks for participating and helping others with your beautiful passages. 

  • My pleasure Kembang that it helped you learning a new word :)

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