This is a true story and I have witnesses who will assure you that this really happened at the house. It happened with my younger sister. We were in our teen years and summer vacations were going. During those days our state was struggling with power crisis and almost every night power was cut for 8-12 hours, yes that is almost all night. 

As I said it happened with my sister, she was quite a tom boy and always tried to prove she never fears with anything. So we have a big 2 story house in village with 10 around rooms. Most of time we all are on ground floor but during that summer my aunt came to village to live with and she was staying in the room on first floor. Her room was at the end of hallway that crosses 4 other rooms those were always dark if power is cut. 

So one night, it was all dark and my aunt called to bring something upstairs as she had a lill baby, my cousin and she couldn't come downstairs. My sister said she will go there without candle while my mother told her to get one with her but she well wanted to prove that she is not afraid of dark. She was passing through the first room and suddenly everyone heard her screaming in fear. Someone suddenly tried to grab her legs when she was walking and touched her. Everyone ran towards her. She started running to my aunt's room.. 

My aunt came first with her torch light and she ran to her and started crying with fear and she walked back to the room to check and I cracked up in laughter when aunt flared light on me. I was the ghost playing prank on my lill sissy sis lol. I am mean I know lol and every one scolded me for it.. But I still laugh whenever I remember her screams lol 

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  • Elen haha you are such a nice person.. Thanks for stopping by and for comment. 

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  • ★ღ ˚ Paula✰ •* ˚  (Giggling ) 

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  • Luci Thankssss for giving us the challenge!!

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  • Roman I don't know if you would be using your military training in back attack on me, I would rather not take risk if you were on her place. :D

    and I guess Rose meant that she was the second sister out of three. 

    Again, you know they caught me there so she knew and everyone knew it was me in the end.  

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  • Estanis haha I have excuse of 'I was kid' you are ruining kids there :P 

    I am happy that you were not my sister : ))

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  • AG you are easy peasy :D 

  •  Gulzar Hussain lol don't worry she is doing all right.

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  • Muskan, if I were in your place, I would do the same:) Btw, I don't remember, did you say that it was you, or she still think that it was a ghost?

  • Oh Muskan, you little teaser. :D If I were in your place, I couldn't do that, I would feel bad. :)

  • LOL Muskan.....why am I not surprised????......

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