Vocablog Challenge 03

So exams are over and I can continue the challenge!

Hope you remember that you don't have to stress on writing a Shakespearean piece, just a few lines are enough to practice new words. Just use then in context and try to remember ..

Here are the words:

Hallucination:  (Noun) : So tell me if you have seen something that does not actually exist or not really in front of you... and you are not dreaming as well, yes you are awake and you are hearing voices that are in your head.... ever happened? if that happened well better go to the doctor soon as you are hallucinating :P

Hallucination is an experience of something that is not really there, not existing. Like hearing, smelling, seeing something in your head ... it more happens when you are under drugs or you are schizophrenic  :D 

Hallucinate is verb form. 

Another word is

Exaggerate: (verb) meaning to describe something with some extra lies to make it look more than what it is... like remember when you were kid and you always told some stories to you friends at school ... "my dad bought me a big teddy bear... so big so big more than my bed and now i sleep on it.. I swear I am not lying..."

well you were exaggerating... 

Here is the article where I read these words, so if you wanna read it as well ...


Though I already knew them but I feel for a lot of members here it might be new words.. 

Give it a try, write a small blog using these two words... 

Good luck... 

Enjoy learning... 

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  • once i took a medicine for Anti-allergy it make me hallucination i feel like i'm awake and dreaming in the same time :D

    Thank you dear Muskan .

  • Sorry to hear luci sleep paralysis is scary and terrifying I had sleep paralysis a 2-3 times and that was terrible. Hope you get over with it soon. 

    Thanks for stopping by :) 

  • Dear Muskan, 

    unfortunately I suffer from hallucinations as I sometimes get into sleeping paralyzis.. I hear sounds that scare hell out of me and I would hardly consider them my illusions. Luckily I learned to control this little bit.

    Thank you for perfect explanations of these two words, I like the way you write because it is so natural!!! Please keep it up ;) 

  • @Eva also overthinking and illusions two different things. I hope your confusion is clear about these two terms. Anyway sorry if my post triggered any PTSD for you. 

    Have fun. 

  • Eva thanks for pointing out but I do some searches always before posting things here. To make sure that I haven't forgotten meaning and it happens with me that I might divert from true meaning sometimes, so I cross check always before making a post. I do not agree that it is word strictly attached with mental illness (though if you see I mentioned that already at the end of definition) 

    Thanks for pointing out anyway I appreciate your eyes of details here is something I found everyone will like to read to clear the confusion..


    1. Illusion is a kind of wrong perception.

    2. In illusion, an external stimulus is always present. In other words, illusions are caused by external stimulations.

    3. Illusion is almost universal.

    4. Normal persons suffer from illusions.

    5. The same situation arouses the same type of illusion in most people.


    1. Hallucination is a false perception.

    2. In hallucination, no external stimulus is present. Hallucinations are caused by internal stimulations.

    3. Hallucination is a personal experience.

    4. Hallucinations are mostly confined to mentally ill persons and to those people under the influence of drugs. The character of hallucination is determined by the individual's present and previous experiences.

    5. The same situation may not arouse hallucination in all. There are individual differences with regard to hallucination. The same individual may experience different hallucinations are different occasions also.

    Source : https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/20059/difference-betwee...

    Difference between 'hallucination' and 'illusion'
    The following quote is found on The Basics of Philosophy page: Representationalists argue their case from the "epistemological fact" that it is im…
  • Lol one I thought I gave some heavy words you made a good joke out of them. Thanks for participation :)

  • Dear Mishaikh, thank you so much for participating, you always add vivid examples for us. 

  • Good morning Muskan,

    I am really sorry for this, I am sticking my not so big nose into others business again :)).

    With all the respect, I would just like to say, “normal” people usually don’t hallucinate, so maybe you unintentionally are misusing the word a bit, and it may be misleading for members who participate.

    You are using the word in wrong context. What you are really referring to above, that is called “Excessive thoughts” / “Illusions”.

    I am sorry Muskan, I know you are a teacher, but when using such words one have to be sure of the correct usage. I just had to say, I hope you won’t mind.

    There is nothing fun whatsoever around that word.

    Have a fantastic day everyone :)

  • Sigh... OK:)))

  • LOL, Roman.

    I just want to make a humorous dialogue here. Of course there's no story like this. :D

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