Vocablog Challenge - 01

As Mary pointed, and Josef became serious about less activity, here is my effort to give a try to revive blogging activity on EC again.

As I promised to Paula that I will leave my comfort zone.. and after adding inspiration from Expector Smith's blog I came up with this easy and creative writing challenge..

This writing challenge is based on new words. I will introduce only 2 new words to you. And you can write a short two paragraph blog using these two words. You are free to write anything, a story, a thought, an opinion but you have to use these two words in that.

Words for this week are:

Clamorous: (Adjective): means noisy, loud. 

Example: A clamorous group of kids passing through street woke up my little princess.

Vivid: (Adjective): means lively,

producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.

or if we are talking about colors then it means intensely deep or bright. 

(some meaning taken from Google)

Example: My diary is filled with vivid description of my every day. 

Here is another blog by Mishaikh that might help you to write blogs. 

But let me tell you do not panic, go easy, do not worry about mistakes, we will try to correct you.. just give it a try.. just write a short blog ... 

Good luck with learning!!

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  • Today is our Independence Day, the clamarous crowds are seen everywhere during the vivid performance of the marching-bands. Is this right ? Thank you.
  • Pauuuu!! Yeah I did it!!
  • What a great entry we have got from Likewise!! Thank you for participation.
  • Yea Muskan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello Muskan,

    Here is my blog, I hope, I managed to use the given words in their proper context.


    Please do have a look, when time haves :)

    Thank you for posting the challenge.
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  • Thank you, Muskan, i think yes! I will remember them!!!

  • Great Roma!! Thanks for participation, hope you will remember these two words for long long time.. 

  • Dear Expector Smith, Yes I meant vocabulary blog challenge but just to make name sound interesting I used concatenation vocablog.. Thanks for appreciation! 

  • Here i am Muskan: http://www.myenglishclub.com/profiles/blogs/muskan-s-vocablog-chall...

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  • Great!! We got our first entry from Mishaikh.. those who are not sure how to write.. it is a great example..

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