Two things to remember about MyEC

MyEnglishClub I feel the word My with a great extent of truth of being this site as My place. And I know you people feel the same way. But still let’s recall why we love MyEC

Almost every member here was googling for “an English learning site” when they found MyEC. Yes it was the interest and eagerness, for some even love, to learn English language that brought all of us to this small friendly island of English Learners on the ocean of internet. So, do not forget you met all these friendly, bittersweet people who are trying to learn and enjoy the process of learning together.

Josef made it with a clever structure. He teamed up with a good teacher Tara and some other joined this team to guide these learners. He gilded it with facilities like blogging, discussion rooms, chat rooms, personal profile, groups and encouraging members list (star members), photos, videos, music and even he made voice blogging possible here. These all facilities so that we can learn and improve how to read, write, speak and listen English.

It feels like a virtual school where people come to learn English while enjoying the beauty of it all together. So, as in a school room you make friends along with learning. Here we do that as well. Some are just friends till they stay at school when they move out they go on their path. Some become friends for a long even they leave this place but they stay connected.

Now the most important part of this place is team of teachers. If teacher is absent for a while we are just a bunch of students doing all chatter putter, no learning. If they will leave school there is no meaning of calling this place school anymore. It then becomes a club or bar where we talk and chit chat, share ideas, show agreement- disagreement and sometimes fight.

When I joined EC, there was really a big team of teachers active here now we have few. I wanna recall those who left and show my gratitude as I feel such respect that they volunteered for us and left such a vast content for learners on this site.

Along with teachers we have moderators who are volunteering to keep this site decent and troll free. Thanks to all of them that this place is not turning into a street gang type place.

Also all learners, we are part of this community. Some are really good friends some are good enemies as well but please remember with all of our bittersweet brawls do not disrespects teachers here for sake of our friends. Teachers are sometimes harsh and I know we love our friends more than them but after all a friend will help in bar fight and teacher will help in job interview so be wise. If you have really good bonds with each other share other contacts like as we keep contact of our friends out of school by sharing number, Facebook or mail. Keep a school as school and a learning platform as learning one. As we can’t turn school into bar we can’t turn MyEC into Facebook.

All I wrote it to remind everyone two things. First, respect teachers no matter how harsh they are to you, they are not getting salary here unlike school. They deserve more respect than any teacher we had in school as they are volunteering. Second, share contacts of your besties with each other so that when they take a leave from here or decide to leave for forever you still can contact them without disturbing environment of our beloved MyEC. 


I felt some newbie might be wondering who are those teachers. I am leaving a list in comment. You can check these useful pages and find a lot of material. 

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  • Dear Diah, hope you will enjoy here and thanks for your comment and appreciation.
  • Nomi should we beware of you? : )) Kidding but thanks for pointing out maybe it will help newbies to stay alert.
  • Well I'm a newbie here. I joined in January 2017 when I was searching for "English community". The first time I joined here, I was so blind and couldn't understand the exact rules. I didn't even understand that we have teachers here and also the fuction of moderators. But over the time, I become understand that we have teachers here. I only know Dany, Dara Gino, and Expector Smith. But when Dany and Dara has left maybe for a while, I feel like this site isn't as interesting as before. It means, I need a great discuaaions and blogs to be discussed. Well but all of you have a great blug and discussation too!
    Thanks for adding some information I havent known here :)
  • But some join in search for an English lady, no matter where it appears on Google it is still a chat room, hunters are never afraid of jungles
  • Nomi.. but I am sure this site doesn't appear in results for "dating sites". They come here and then they lose the path I guess..

  • Dear Tanya, thanks for appreciation..

  • Well, nearly all what is written is ture except for not everyone joins EC with an intend to learn. You yourself might have observed people flirting and begging for your friendship, Not to mention other disgusting things.

    Great lines to put together as a blog by the way
  • Dear Muskan, thank you so much for this great blog! It is about time to remind EC members of the true purpose of this great site! I am also nostalgic for those times when MyEC was interested in learning!

  • Rajesh is here :) 

    long time no see, man :) 

  • Dear Rajesh, you can feel how nostalgic I was when I was writing this. Things have changed but still going..
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