Three days ago , there was a bad news  on Indonesian TV. The news made  the tears  came down from my cheek without  I reliazed it. You know Why ? We  lost   the best  man again in our country   He is Mr. BJ Habibi . Oh  How sad  I am and all Indonesian citizen  . He was  very  popular  in this world. He passed away  in  83 years  old  and left 2 children.  In his  life  He always tried to  think how to make our country  as strong as other country. Beside he   always did the  best thing  for his people and    do democracy  point legality.  Mr Bj Habibi  was  a romantic man. He loved his wife  very much and announced  to every body  in his wife burial place that he must  burry   beside his wife  place 9 years ago.  He prepared  burial place for him  and he  wanted  this  will be factual next time.It must be done yeah...  three days  ago his dream  came true. He passed away happily and  stayed beside his beloved wife... How a amazing , isn't it ?  Now I just said...Good Bye  the best man Mr Bj Habibi,  I hope  The Gods  will  return  your  belove lady to you and you can stay with her for ever. . In  frank  Our sad  is still   felt  in our heart . You know  we also lost  the best lady in  our country  She is  MrSusilo  Bambang Yudoyono's wife. She  always   made  us  happy when  she smiled although we saw just on TV screen.  We hope Mr SBY  can  be  patient and  let  her  went   a head ... We try  to  be  patient  and  we hope  this  beloved mother will  stay in Allah's place and enter to  God's paradise. Now our country  has lost  4  presidents  and  also 4 The first ladies  in  our country. They  are Mr. Soekarno the first  President and wife, next  Mr. Soeharto the second president and wife. After that Mr. Gus Dur  the fourth  president  and three days ago  Mr .Bj. Habibi our third  president  and wife. I realize  this  must be accepted because   These are  The God creature. We must accept all .  Good bye  the best  persons  and have  a nice   sleep  in God's  paradise. We love you very much.


 Dear  Readers,

          On this occasion   I will visit you  with  old my story, and I hope  your comment  after enjoy it.

           Long long ago in Chili USA there lived  a young  couple  in a small hut near  a high hill . They…

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  • Dear  all readers

    I am sorry  long time no see you in this  forum Because  It is  too  busy at school activity .  Next I try to  write again in order to develop my English  Thanks  a  lot for all comments of my   writing

  • Hi Erna, did you receive my email a few days back in response to your comment?

  • Thanks for stopping by Erna. I hope the laptop problem is fixed.
  • Dear ERNA E ADRIL,

    Thank you for uploading the nice photo. Unfortunately we can't approve it because it doesn't have an appropriate title. Each title must be unique and in English. (We do not allow photos with numbers in the titles.) Please fix your title and resubmit. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Hello, teacher Erna. Thank you for adding me. :)

  • they asked me:

    do you love him?

    i said :

    yes very much

    they asked me:

    is he beautiful

    i said:

    yes more than you imagine

    they asked me:

    where is he?

    i said :

    in my heart and in my eyes

    they asked me:

    what's his name?

    i told





    his name is MUHAMmed IBN ABDULLAH ( peace of allah be upon him )
  • The picture of the hut is in a little secret garden my children found along Lake Ontario. It's part of a community garden. Cute, huh?

  • Hello dear Erna E Adril,
    I invite you to join us in this month's Photo Challenge. please Check out Photo Challenge#1 : Your Activity, thanks!

  • Thanks! I'd love to see some of your writing!
  • Salam,
    it is nice to meet you sister, hope we'll be good friends ^^

    take care,
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