When I joined MyEC, I watched many amazing videos in MyEC Video Gallery created by members, I said why not to make a group gathering all of that great self made of MyEC members?
The aim of creating this group is to encourage learners to take the first steps to speak English. Any member in the group can put a link or an embedded code of his/she video posted in here, so others can discuss and share useful tips to speak English fluently.

Do you want to do it? Let's get started!

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Created and Added by Tara Benwell

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  • Hello,

    you want a video chat? give me a ring on skype: ursulajanssen@outlook.de

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  • Those who seriously want to SOLVE your PRONUNCIATION PROBLEM once and for all (also learn how to sound natural and fluent when you speak in English), please contact me on Skype. It will take you only ONE MONTH to achieve that goal. Upon completion, you will able to pronounce all the words listed in the dictionary accurately even without listening to any online / offline audio pronunciations at all. Isn't that what you've been trying to achieve all this while but to no avail? Now is the time to make it happen.

    My Skype ID ...: live:gabrielsowrian
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  • Hy everyone, I'd like to join this group, and my skype ID: rodriigofranca


  • Hi all !!! I'm so proud te be one of this amazing group .

    my name's mahgoub fahmi ,  sudanese , I'm banker , so please friends don't hesitate to add me

  • hey i want to improve my spoken english . please add me on your skype. My skype id is : asad.uzzaman15                 . thank u all

  • improve ur speaking contact on skype id: shabeerbangash86

  • hello friends .....someone here for a class of english ..add me on skype strawberrylover70

  • hi all  .. I'm Ragab from egypt ...my skype: badrbadr1204

    I want to improve my English by video chat. thancks

  • hey everyone my self Pankaj from India. I want to develop my english and for that i need few good friends, if anyone is interested then He/she can send me friend request on my skype ID nirajsingh321.. thanks

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