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          On this occasion   I will visit you  with  old my story, and I hope  your comment  after enjoy it.

           Long long ago in Chili USA there lived  a young  couple  in a small hut near  a high hill . They lived  as  vegetable farmers , but  They did not  have children. They always joined  their life  happily and helped  others.

           One night  there was  a moon light . Fragaria and Berry  the couple prayed God to  have a baby. They had  tear drops on their eyes  in their worship. They felt  satisfied  after praying. " OK dear, don't worry  The God will give our ask " Berry said  happily to his wife. " I  am  sure dear,  I  felt God  listened  to us " Berry smiled to his wife and they  went to bed.

            On  the next morning Fragaria and her husband went to collect  vegetable in their field. The vegetable will be sold to  the market. Berry went  to the market alone and Fragaria leaved  in their hut to do other activities such as collecting  orchids  and planted   around her house. There were many kinds of orchids in her hut with beautiful  flowers. it made the hut beautiful... and Fragaria  some times sold t some of hem .While She picked  the orchids, Fragaria saw   a fruit with red color. " what is this ?" Fragaria asked  by her self.  She brought  the strange tree  to her hut and told to her husband  about the new tree. " My husband, you see I got a strange   tree, and it's beautiful " said Fragaria Happily. " let me see dear "  Berry asked . His wife  brought the tree to her husband and surprisingly  Berry  said " Oh... what  wonderful it is "  The color  is read... it's ripe... and I think   It's sweet... " Berry commented  it. " And ... you see  the shape... it looks like   a heart ... so beautiful " Fragaria  was happy. " Let's plant this new tree in a special place  or  pot... so we can  organize  this tree well,  and   we can develop this tree to be better ... " You're right  my let's take  a rest.

            In the middle of the night Fragaria dreamed  with some one. A beautiful Fairy came and asked  Fragaria about the strange  tree. " You know  the tree which you found in the hill is me... " Fairy said. Fragaria was surprised and looked nervous "...Oh I am sorry.. I do not know that you are. I just kept it for my happiness. I like  the tree  very much and it's beautiful" She told  slowly. " No problem ... I am happy you took me, and I want you plant  it in the big field...and the fruit  will make you a rich and popular " Fairy told  smile. " Is it true ? it is  a good fruit and can change my  family life ? Asked Fragaria.  "Yes, you're right.. Please plant it tomorrow and believe me it can develop  it's root  easily and give  red and beautiful fruit for you." Heard this  She felt happy and  satisfied but  She did not know  the name of the new fruit. With  doubt feeling  she tried to ask to Fairy last question... " Fairy,  I am sorry  I do not know the name of this fruit , please give the name  for it " Fragaria said carefully. " Oh yea I forgot What is your name dear and your husband's name ? " Well,  my name is Fragaria and my husband's name is Berry " .Oh really ? our names are the same . My name is also Fragaria... " Fairy  smiled and keep silent for  a minute. Ok.... I will give this fruit with  your name and your husband's. " The fruit name is  Fragaria coliencis and Berry or is called with " strawberry " . In the future this fruit  will be popular and  the people  can make   a kind of food and  drink or juice  .  to drink this drink they need  a straw  or pipette . So  it's suitable  if we announce this  tree as " Strawberry "  Fragaria  told to her husband  about her dream and Berry agreed about his wife  story and  about the name... " It's  a wonderful name....Strawberry.... yea...strawberry "

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  • :D

  • Yea.... You're right for  my first story , Fairy  also gave them a baby and strawberry can  give people  a condition  to deliver  a baby, but my first story has not  sent to  this area, so I tried to write again but, I forgot that point..thanks  for reminding me and thanks for  your comment about this story


    Thank you for sharing this story, but I am little bit disappointed.

    Because I thought, that fairy will make them able to have the kids!

  • :))) Thank you for sharing this story, Ma'am.

    I wonder how I just know such a history of this strawberry.^^

  • how creative you are Ma'am ,,,

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