Dear  readers,

On this occasion  I want to tell you  How to  make the beginner learners  learn English more enjoyable. Don't forget to write comment  after reading my  simple experience, OK ?

As a second international language English is not easy  to learn by young students, because  it has many  ways how to  use this  strange  language. I think  the most readers agree with me, especially teachers  this subject is very  horrible  for them. They find  some difficulties such as: how to make  sentences based on the situation, how to pronounce the words, and how  to write  the words, and so forth . All make them  confused. Not only those  points but also  how to speak with other  people  in common, and in polite expressions...uuuh... it's very hard . The result is, the students  go out the class room , lazy to learn and  might be do   praying  for  the teachers  not coming to the class room, If no teachers , they all look like  happy and  thank God..  Oh   my Mates or for teachers do you  feel  like this  in your teaching ?  Are all your students enjoy your lesson ? ? 

But  as  a teacher  I always  try  many ways how to make my students  are interested  with my lesson. In this semester  I have a so cool and interesting  way in  exploring  my lesson. Here ,, I want to share  my experience  to you and I hope you can use it in your class room later on .  Here is   the  way.

Before  I start to teach  my students  with my material, I always  check  the students'attendance , I think  You do too. Last time  I did this activity just by calling  my students' name and they  responded by " I am here, Yes, I am, Present " and others   I think  it is  the  old way. In this semester  before stopping my lesson, I give my students three words. I ask them to memorize the words  and look for the meaning  of those words in  Our language . In the next  meeting I check their absent by  asking them  to report  the words that given to them last time . I call her or his name, He or She comes  to me by saying  the words and also the meaning .  Example , I call one of them " ERNA " She  comes to me in front of the class and says : "  Paradise is Surga, step mother is Ibu Tiri  and  happy means senang  " . Every  students  do the same  way. I do  this activity  every  meeting .  Can you imagine  what happen to  them ?  You're right   We need  about  20 minutes  to do this but  they get more  and the are happy to do . Beside, they have   a lot of  words or vocabularies  with  relax . No forcing , all of the students keep smile and satisfied .  I do not stop here, but  to avoid  forgetting their words, I ask them to  write  the words which they have reported  to me on their special  book. The result is  They have  a simple  dictionary which has contain the words  that close with their daily  life. They can find the words  that they need easily. How  excellent  this activity is. You know when I forgot to give them  at the and of my  monster, They ask for  them " Ms, the words  for the next meeting "  they  talked . Wow... How  happy I am  to see  their willing .  This  way I give to seven grade students and  to Nine  grade , but   for nine grade students , I  explore this  way but  in more difficult activity . I just give three words to them  before the end of the lesson , and   I asked them to  make  sentence by using those three words I given .  They prepare  three sentences  at home and  they  report to me their own sentences  when I   check their  attendance. I do this every meeting. Is it  fare ,isn't it ?  What do you think about this  way mates ?

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  • Persist! Dear teacher Erne, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Great idea Bu Erna, thanks for sharing. I will apply your creative idea to my children :).

  • Hello Mrs.Erna!

    Yes, this is creative, indeed. Great idea. I would like to try. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Creative way to teaching is always perfect way to understand students . May be it will easy for them to remember the things .  Myself , English grammar is hard for me always

  •     It's  a very creative and enjoyable methods to teach kids new words  . I think I will try to implement it myself . However  ,  memorizing words of a foreign language isn't an easy task at all , I always advise my students to listen to more English through the youtube  . This a natural and effective way of learning English  . Throughout my experience as a teacher I have noticed that students who listen to much English are the best one in my classes  , me myself  was one of those continuous listeners  of English. 

            Thanks for sharing your idea with us dear :) 

    • Dear mates  over the world

      Thanks  a lot  you like it

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