How to make the students like our teaching


Hj. ERNA EMI,S.Pd ( The teacher of SMP N 2  Gunung Talang  , Solok West Sumatra )


       The process Learning and teaching  will  be success if  there  is  a good relation ship between  a        teacher and the students.  We know  English is not  an interesting subject  for Junior High students ,          so  we must  have  good  ways  to make them  interested about  English material.  Don’t  give them            questions without  understandable  ..  We have  many kinds of model of teaching English . Don’t             explain  the materials  with the same  ways . These  will make them bored  with the lesson and of course    with  us as teachers. Give  extra  entertainment  in our teaching

         Here  I want  to  share  to all  teachers of English  how  to make the students like  our   action   in front of the class.

  1. try to be kind to  the students

Every  enter the class room  please keep smiling to the students,  greet them  by Saying  Good morning and ask their condition  friendly in order to make fresh. In learning process, give them reward  by saying “ Good, excellent,  nice,  well done , etc. Do not  be angry if we find the low students and difficult  for them to catch our ideas . Try to explain  slowly  many times until  they  look like  understand. Serve them  if they ask  some questions to us.

  1. Explain the material with nice  presentation

As a teacher  we must  be smart  to choose the  suitable technique or  method of learning , so the students  can be  happy in  listening  our explanation  and they  are not boring  fast.  In teaching  process we must start from  the interesting point and give them  some thing  in order to attract  the students attention , such as  games , light questions and answers, light stories that have relation with our material . These  can make the students  happy  to follow our  activities . They will not fell  we have use  80 minutes  of our teaching time.

  1. Give variation  material

Before  entering the class, we have prepared  materials on  our teacher’s note. There we  have divided the  materials and also the suitable technique. Don’t  teach  grammar every meeting. We know grammar is look like a monster for the students. To avoid this  problem , grammar  we can give  in  game  section  and   in funny situation. Teaching grammar must be learned but  not  forcing  material

  1. giving game

Game is  one of  a good way in  learning English. By the game the students fell fresh in  joining  the  lesson  that we want to  teach. Through   a game  the students  are more relax in learning , because they are  happy  although they will do  the difficult  way. Beside,  Game is also  used to avoid  students  boring  in learning  a material. Please  give  a game  for classical  or all students  follow the activity which is given . A little bit noisy is not  problem. If we always do by  this point  The students will be sure  waiting us in patiently

  1. Don’t  explain  the lesson too fast

As   teachers   we  must  give  all materials  in  a regular  of time . But we must know  and  see our students condition. We  consider they are ready  to continue  to  the next material or still  need  more practices . This is  done  in order to  make the students  are  able to  catch  one  material  and  jump to  the next  problem.  It is  so wise isn’t it ? Here , please  make our subject  is not  horrible   for the students. Please  realize that  English  is  so  difficult  but  can be learned.

              I hope  5  ways can make  the teachers of English  will be loved by our students.



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  • Very well advised the teachers.

    Thanks for sharing.

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