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Jeopardy: January Game

Happy New Year to everyone!

Let me start our January game.

Hope, you all remember the rules.

Here are our categories:

1. Culture/traditions/customs.

2. Literature/language.

3. Nature/animals/pets.

4. Science/engineering/technology.

5. Music/art/architecture.

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The Words We Guess

My friends! I have decided to start this "discussion" to place all the words and their definitions here. Now, I am posting all the words you had guessed by last Sunday. From now on, I would ask each winner to add a comment with the word he/she has gu

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It is Christmas Time Again!

2352902485?profile=originalMy friends! I'd like to share my good mood and Christmas spirit with you. I am leaving on vacation, but I hope this song will make your hilidays. It is so easy-going, light, bright and much more. It is Christmas spirit of America, of Florida, of my l

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Let's Decide Which Game to Play

My dear friends! Some members ask me to return Jeopardy, others like playing the Wheel we are playing now. As I am a democratic person and am not going to dictate my will or rules, I will be just happy if you tell me which of the games you want to pl

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Jeopardy: December Game

My dear friends!  As many of you prefer Jeopardy to the current game and many of you like both, I've decided to return Jeopardy. From now on, we will be able to play both games in different "discussions". We will be playing Jeopardy here in December.

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Our Winners.




I. Afro.

II. Serene.

III. Noas.

The best question: Peppo.


I. Serene.

II. LUCInka.

III. ELF-Noor.

The best question: Tanya and Serene.


I. Lucinka.

II. Onee Chan.

III. Risty.

The best questions: Onee, Lucinka and Tanya.


I. R

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The Questions Asked in August

2352901876?profile=originalRound :13

Question: The dishonest businessmen of “Wonderland” area compelling the farmers to cultivate tobacco for their own interest. As a result, the rice production was decreasing and the people of that area were facing food crisis. Finding no othe

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Your Suggestions, Questions, Comments.

2352901829?profile=originalIn this discussion I propose you to post your suggestions about improvements of our game as well as your questions if there any. Besides, you can leave different comments here .

To begin with, I'd like to hear your ideas about how to arrange the discu

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