My dear friends! I watch news and see what is going on in the world. I know that the Russsian parliament permitted to use Russian military forces in any country. I know that Russia is bombing Syria, trying to conquest East Ukraine, has already annexed  some part of Ukraine and made a part of Modovia a waist land. You may think that America is the most aggressive country, but it is not. After the Vietnamese War our government makes a pole before sending the troops to any foreign country and they are sent to those countries if our people approve of that decision. At least, it is democratic and if we fight we fight for freedom. My wife is from the former Soviet Union and I like her expression "There is nothing more dangerous than a hungry Russian bear". I would add, a bear who has never felt freedom. I think you know that Russian Army is very powerful and armed with the nuclear weapons.

So, all current events make me recall John Lennon's "Imagine". Honestly, I sing this song, too, but I'd like you to hear the original. It was written and recorded during the Vietnamese War, one of the most sensless and bloody wars in all American history. John was a hippie and too politically active to survive. Our generation can't forget those times and we still pray for peace being non-religious. I hope one day you will join us!

And now listen to John Lennon

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  • Dear Elen, unfortunately I have to agree with  you. Money and power rule this world, but each of us can still remain a human. And if most of us think so, we can change the world. It is US, regular people who is a mankind. There are much more of US than politics. We just forget about that being too busy with our personal problems.

  • Thank you, darling! You are right as always!

  • Only if we could stop wars and living peacefully. Unfortunately all happens for money and power.

  • Darling! Good discussion, but nobody is interested. What a pity! I tell you, your Imagine is MUCH better but I realize why you posted the original. It should be so. These are our roots, if there hadn't been "The Beetles" and John Lennon, there wouldn't be modern music, there wouldn't be struggle for peace and human rights, there would still be discrimination and segregation. They made humanity wake up. I'd like everyone to take part in this discussion!

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