Hi, my friends! I have been very busy with my teaching and researches all the time, but I have a day off and have one idea I'd like to share with you. As my wife mentioned the name of my favorite Russian musician, I decided to tell you about two great pianists, composers, singers and songwriters from different countries who gave a great concert together although they hadn't known each other in person before. They are Robert Wells (Sweden) and Dmitry Malikov (Russia).

 First, I'd like to make a few comments. Working with young people all my life I know they dislike chamber music, not to

 say about classic. But these pianists make Chaikovsky, Brams, Chopin sound modern, just listen to them! It is great, they make young generation get familiar with the best musical heritage, true values the mankind has got. Now I'll tell you a little about those guys.

Robert Wells is one of the best modern European pianists and arrangers. He is Swede from Stockholm, a little more than 50 now. Being 11 he was accepted as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and he was and still is the youngest member ever been. He became famous for his Rhapsody in Rock. He is so virtuosic! Listen to him playing, please!


Dmitry Malikov is one of the most famous and admirable Russian composers and singers. He is a very good pianist, but is very different from Robert Wells. Dmitry is about 45 and started his carreer being a conservatory student. Now he is one of the best Russian musicians and artists. His music is so tender and touching as if he suffered each note and each cord. It gives hope for the better future, it is so positive! He mostly sings about love, but the composition "13" made him world-known. I believe, I don't have to tell you what it is about:


And now listen to them playing together:


Hope, you'lll enjoy this music

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  • Oh, thank you very much for these flowers! I hope you had a great time in Thanksgiving Day!

    • My pleasure, dear! Always to your service!

  • Dear Elen, thanks for being with us in Sing and song group! Today is Thanksgiving Day in America, but trust me, my thanks are  really sincere!

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  • I'd like to add, this concert took place last year in Moscow.

  • My dear! What a great post! You know how I like both Dmitry and Robert! They are so different but so similiar in their love of music and humanity. I think you should post the comments from You Tube for the EC members to have something to discuss, agree? And thank you very much for this post! I didn't know you have started such a great discussion and am very sorry it hasn't raised almost any interest. But we all know, modern people don't like classic music. Such reaction must have been expected.

  • Dear Elen! Hi! Haven't heard from you for ages! I am glad you like such kind of music. It is a true heritage, true values! Well, I have just made some changes and now you are supposed to hear that great concert (Smile!). I don't know why the previous link sent you to my email! Thanks for telling me about that. I hope you will listen to the whole concert as the most interesting is always the last to be performed. I will check out that link again now.

    • Yes Danny, the link is ok now. I just listened to the whole concert. I think i chose the best hour to do it because it is night now here and i wanted to relax. Dimity Malikov and Robert Wells are great together. They have that thing we call "chemistry". As for the last song, you are right, they rock!! Great job!

    • Dear Elen! I'd like to add the link to one of my favorite compositions by Dmitry Malikov. It is a very popular song, its name is "Once more and again". It is about love that can't be forgotten. In fact, Dmitry follows the traditions of great Russian composers like Chaikovsky, Glinka and others. I do feel great influence of Chaikovsky in his compositions. But his music is so different and so understandable. I agree with Danny, Deema's music sounds as if he suffered each note. His lyrics and music are so touching. It is true art!

      So, here is the link


      I hope, you'll enjoy this composition

    • Here is one more great composition "Just Breathe"


    • Dear Elen! I am so glad you like classic music. You are right, both guys have "chemistry", they inflame their listeners, make them think, suffer, hope, enjoy. And it is the true predestination of any music. Thanks for your great comment! We will add some comments from the YT wall and you will see how different they are. There will be something to discuss

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