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Poetry Game!

This game is so much fun! Start and write from 2 to 4 lines and begin with the last letter of the previous line which the poet before you has written.An example of how it should be:Mr-Night :I want the sun to shine on my daysBecause the dark is eatin

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Our life is full of twists and turns

With highs and lows a story burns

We are but candles in the wind

Moved to and fro not on a whim

We stand so high but then we fall

As if we've hit a solid wall

We get back up and move again

We must ignore the constant

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the moon and stars casting a heavonly glow on the slumbering city at night.

Such a peacful night,

It gives me a false sense of hope and serenity,

Because once I close my eyes again,those bittersweet dreams will appear.

It's like a broken records playing

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Your best songs!

Hey, Post here the lyric of your best song or the songs you like most. First, put the singer's name, the writer ( optional), The song title, then the lyric, no need for videos or links!!! we need the words only! so lets see your favorite lyrics!

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A Poem by Rumi

Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it.Whoever has polished it more sees more — more unseen forms become manifest to him.

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Add your poem here, Also you can comment on others work. Please post only what you write. No need to be very good at poetry, we know that your poem came from your heart there for it's worth to be viewed.

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