the moon and stars casting a heavonly glow on the slumbering city at night.

Such a peacful night,

It gives me a false sense of hope and serenity,

Because once I close my eyes again,those bittersweet dreams will appear.

It's like a broken records playing again and again in my mind.


I lay my head down and say a silent pray.

I drift to sleep.....

closing my eyes,

I dream of improbable,

I dream of finding you,

It's an ache that comes from heart.

even if it's just a dream,

your return to my life is'nt improbable like it is in the waking world.


So I am stuck for what is not lost but ca'nt be found.

Running till find you again,even though all hope has died.

These are the dreams that consumes me night after night.



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