One day my star will shine

Then I can say I'm fine

One day my dreams will come

true like a shining sun

No matter what you can't kill

that hope that lives with in

My heart will beat for sure

till the doubts can't be heared

To be happy is to believe

that you can make it through

One day my star will shine

I believe so, how about you?


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    • @Raya, you can say both. The star that will shine one day is when i reach sucess. Many goals inside my head I want to accomplish. One of them is publishing a poetry book. Even though I face and had faced many troubles in my life, but I work hard to make my dreams come true and see my star shine. I have to implant hope inside my mind to fight till the end.


      Thank you Raya for your sweet words

  • What is hope? You asked me one day,

    and I looking to your eyes said:

    You´re hope, never close your eyes to me.

  • Wonderful  words  penned   Mr  night . Nice  to read your  poems  once again .....

    Life  without hope is meaningless

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