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    • Title: My Dragon


      Every time I close my eyes I see you, my dragon

      You are a myth, but you came from no where

      You lived inside me

      You have killed all my doubts

      My actions became yours

      When I run I feel as if I'm flying like you

      When I stand I feel as if I'm tall as you


      My heart is the source of flames,

      Like the one in your throat

      Swords of humans can't cut me

      Fear, I see it in their eyes

      Confidence is now my language

      In your strength I'm strong

      Together lets ignite the world

      And bring light to the heavy darkness

  • One Day I was running in The Rain
    Having all my Burdens and Pains
    Unable to see as EvErything was Dark
    I was Finding The way in the Light of spark
    Cars were passing me side by side
    I asked EvEryone, Can you Give Me a Ride...???
    They Replied We Can't as This is All You Fate And
    I was in Dilemma To Love Them or Hate
    Tears On My Face were Mixing with Rain
    All My Efforts were going in Vain
    I Felt so fear and
    I Felt alone
    Pain Of Loneliness diffused in to bones
    All Of a Sudden a Thought Warmth my brain
    As a cup of Coffee in Acute Strain
    I Closed My EyE's and Said OOooOH "ALLAH KAREEM !!!"
    Shower Your Blessing's indeed You are "RAHEEM"

    And what I saw when I Opened My EyE's
    Believe !!! There was a Rainbow in Blue Skies

    EvEryThinG Was Shining and Looking Bright

    Is it Really Me who was Shivering with Fright?????

    It's Only "ALLAH" Who Gives us peace
    With every hardship there is an ease.....!!!
    • Mirza, it is a lovely poem, thanks for sharing it with us.
      Just for who doesn't know the meaning of some words here
      Allah = god
      Kareem= kind or generous
      Raheem = Mercyful
      Its all arabic words describ Allah
      Thanks again Mirza
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    • Destro chan, this is a great poem, full of emotions and beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • Angela, Your good enough believe me, and also if any one is not good enough and is sharing his poems, others who are readers will help and tell their views in a polite developed way. True poems don't need to rhyme, poetry is imagination structured and painted by your pen which is a tool of your emotions and feelings that is off course came directly from your heart lightened by the inspiration of the moment, the situation and the event.

    Angela, it is said that the tears are the weapon of the woman :) so it is useful after all !

    I'm glad you liked Poetry and poetry group.
  • Angela, wow, it is really touching, and I am really happy you shared us your poems, Nonsense tears aren't Nonsense after all, cause you know what? it touches the heart and left a mark of mixed feelings and emotions that can't be slept again.It is very deep poem, and your voice reached our hearts.

    I see a wise and talented poet here, Angela, Keep the good work!

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  • Shakir khan,

    Thanks for posting those nice poems,, enjoying and touching.
  • Marvellous dear, I bet you have more poems in store :)

    Angela Bechara said:
    Nonsense tears

    As I sat gazing upon the river
    I tried to tile the stones of sorrow
    I casted my eyes over the stream
    And one tear drop was enough to spread the ripples of my anguish soul
    I couldn’t find the answers
    I couldn’t unveil the truth
    I couldn’t capture the desires of the world
    All I could do is shedding more tears
    I tasted their bitterness
    And I tried to decipher myself through them
    I tried to figure out what my sorrows are made from
    Only one question I ask
    How come this deep malicious sorrow
    Incarnate in such bitter and worthless liquid?
    How come all our suppressed feelings inside are just a matter of mind?
    How come the mind translate this sorrow into tears and cry?
    How come this sweet voice of mine Is locked with this despondence inside?
    A little prayer I ask
    I little favor I seek
    A little warmth I yearn for
    I held my pillow
    And I delved inside its warm fluffy cotton
    Absolute stillness
    And this is where I knew that living beings are lies
    Living beings with freak contagious minds
    I rested there
    With my pillow in my hands
    with my dreams that are awaiting me to fall asleep
    I choose to dream
    I choose to fly free from those freak minds
    And I choose to love stillness of nature
    Crops of heaven and
    Voices of paradise
    With reason I choose not to speak
    I just spread these words
    To make you open your eyes and delve inside your core
    This is my voice reaching nowhere
    Only my hands and notes..
  • As for me I always try to do what I decided cause if I wait and consider everything carefully I will definitely change my mind, so I try to do everything spontaneously... a nice poem Rathanam.

    Rathanam said:
    The world is created for us

    The world is born for me
    River is running for me,
    Flowers are blooms for me
    Green grass growing for my happiness

    The floating moon is in the sky
    it seems like a golden cart
    lotus growing in the pond
    It gives us pleasure to all.
    it gives us pleasure to all
    you and i why we born
    we wont think whenever we alive
    After we think, when the age has gone
    what is the use to other
    now it is good time ,
    we must do what we think
    dont be late to do you think
    If you left it now , your mind will change soon
    do it now , dont postpone
    God will always with you
    He gave you more blessings
    he will always with you .
  • what is wonder
    what is wonder in this word
    you could not believe when you think
    The world running with speed
    Not degrece its moving
    From my mothers womb
    My heart is always beating
    It is not stop anytime until death
    The air is always not stop
    From the creation of the earth
    what is wonder , what is wonder
    I could not believe in my life.
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