Poetry Game!

This game is so much fun! Start and write from 2 to 4 lines and begin with the last letter of the previous line which the poet before you has written.An example of how it should be:Mr-Night :I want the sun to shine on my daysBecause the dark is eating meOnly you my love can help meTake my flower accept meStart with ( E )Engage me with your passionHelp me through this plightFor my vision and my sight is trueMy will and purpose are dedicated to youStart with (U)Undone without your loveI have lost the zest for lifeJust empty shell of woe and strifeRefill my soul before we enter this nightStart with (T)....

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  • Near my window I got to see

    The beauty of yellowbell flower tree

    It lights me up, it makes me flee

    From this insane space of reality.

    • You become so far

      I try to catch with scar

      You realize I have a jar

      I know we don't have to keep the pillar

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    • So many words

      and so much tears and pain

      in my poor heart

      that you had left in vain

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    • Dear Raya, you have to start your 4 lines poem with the last letter of the previous poem. Lwts say the last word of the poem above was "love" then you have to start with the letter E. I'm happy that you are interested. :)
  • I remember the time you use to care

    My heart now breaks because your not there

    An angels song without a word

    I try to speak but can't be heard 


    • Delete what bothers you to start a new life

      A life that you are looking for

      A life that you will be happy in :)

      people  do change.. then let's change too

  • try to forget the past

    is the same to lose your life

    just the memories will tell you

    who you were and who you could be

    • None of them  are the porpus of your existence
      Open your heart and let your mind witness
      Peace, love and forgivness
      Apply them in you ull see the difference
    • Entangled in my own feelings

      Can't find the strength to live I any more

      Trying to find that eternal healing...

      My heart will never love as loved before!

    • Eliminate the doubts of your tomorrow

      you have to have hope, just kill the sorrow

      its not bad at all to live solo

      as long you have inner peace.



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