Stories from the time of Covid-19

"I'm home".

I smiled happily welcoming him. He looked so tired. I didn't kiss his hand as usual. Everybody should wash their hands before touching everything or somebody at home, especially in the time of covid-19 pandemic.

He directly went to the bathroom and took a bath. When he was in the bathroom, I heard him coughing. I asked, "Are you okay?". "Mmm, yeah, I'm okay", he replied.

At night, he said that he was a bit dizzy so I told him to sleep earlier. I slept later. Before sleeping, I touched his forehead and got a bit shocked. It was hot, I didn't know precisely, but the temperature was higher than usual.

Suddenly, my thoughts were wandering somewhere, to the unknown places. What if he got infected covid-19? These are the symptoms of they who got infected covid-19. What if...? What if...? I was stucked in that thoughts.

Three days later, he was in the worse condition. He also got sore throat. The fever didn't subside and his dizziness didn't relieve.

I asked him to take a day off from working, but he rejected. If he had done, he should have had a doctor's letter, he should have met a doctor. In that condition, the doctors would had likely said that he was a Person Under Supervision, and he would be quarantined for days. Oh, NO..!! I was still in anxiousness... 

However, I still had a little hope by thinking positive. He didn't got a shortness of breath. I slept about a half meters far from him. He didn't wear a mask while sleeping but nothing happened to me like the symptoms he got. He had meals three times a day, he slept at least 6 hours each day. He kept consuming vitamin C.

The fifth day, the fever had subsided, the dizziness had relieved, and the sorethroat had cured.

I was only thinking... "The covid-19 has gone" :D

I'm so grateful it ended happily. It happened about three months ago.


Have you ever got such symptoms during this pandemic? 

It's true that this blog is inspired by Dara Gino after reading his blogs, "Stories from the time of Corona" 1, 2, 3. I may write other stories later.

Now, tell us your stories! :)


Please enjoy this manggo tea...! :D


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    Hi Onee

    These days, if someone catches a cold, he/she scares at first,
    .I hope covid 19 go away as soon as possible. Thanks God you both are good now.
    • Hi Saba,

      You're right. That symptom worries many people. Anyhow, we should think positive to strenghten our body immune.

      Thanks a lot for your nice comment.

  • Dear Onee, I hope that this story has a happy ending,  all this issue have had to change our lifestyle but in my oipion, I speak from Spain, people here in Spain have come back to the normal life, It  can be very dangerous because We have lost put the face mask, wash our hands and dont kiss another people. 

    • Hello Laura,

      Thank you for your informative comment. I hope everything goes better there and all around the world. You're right, we have to change lifestyle for this great life.

      Many thanks for your comment. 

  • I'm very much happy to hear that you are safe now. I have been through the same experience and somehow overcame the dire state. Maybe, my body developed anti-body now. It happened one month back. And I read an article in the newspaper that this antibody can fight only for two months. Some guys could be got infected even before two months time span for the second time infection. So the memories are hunting me!!

    • Hello Silas,

      We should think positive, I guess. Keeping healthy is very important now, hygiene priority and a good quality of life style. Don't worry too much. The news can be frustating for us. 

      Stay safe! Stay happy! Thank you so much for your comment.

  • Glad to hear that both of you are fine!! 

    • Thank you so much, NotAClue.

      Good day!:)

  • Onee, dear, glad to see this end of the story. If it was real...I just can't even imagine the worry you had to pass through. 

    Stay safe and take care of yourself and your beloved, pls. 

    • Yup, this was real Olga. It was three months ago.

      Thanks a lot for your wishes. :)

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