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I`m returning!


I have not been active here for several months. This is mainly due to the fact that I moved to another city and settled down here. I constantly have new plans reborn, how to help others and myself in learning English, and I constantly do not have enough time to start realizing them with high quality.
This evening  I was doing a task that sounds like this: Write a short but exciting story, beginning with the phrase "Jack was asleep in the chair, dreaming, when the phone rang ". I bring my ess

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"I'm home".

I smiled happily welcoming him. He looked so tired. I didn't kiss his hand as usual. Everybody should wash their hands before touching everything or somebody at home, especially in the time of covid-19 pandemic.

He directly went to the bathroom and took a bath. When he was in the bathroom, I heard him coughing. I asked, "Are you okay?". "Mmm, yeah, I'm okay", he replied.

At night, he said that he was a bit dizzy so I told him to sleep earlier. I slept later. Before sleeping, I touched h

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