Two-thirds of Ramadan has gone. The first third is called  Rahmah (mercy). The second third is called magfirah (forgiveness). tomorrow, Wednesday is the last third of Ramadan.The last ten days of Ramadan. They are called Itgun min annar (free from fire). Of course, the last third of Ramadan is the best of all. In Islam, the last third is always the best part. For instance, the best part of the day is its last third. 

Allah, The Almighty descends on the last third of the day and says, (Is there any person who needs mercy, or forgiveness, or anything he likes? I give him). Take another example, Friday is the best day for Muslims. Its last third, before sunset, is the best one, because of the answer hour. Take the whole Arabic year, the best part is its last third. Count these months. Ramadan, Thulgaidah, Thulhijah, and Almuharam.  Ramadan comes every year and people used to fast and do their prayers in the mosques. At the time of Corona, no more prayers in the mosques. 

Let us finish with this story: I saw it on television last week. The nurse came from her duty, very exhausted and tired from battling coronavirus to her apartment. Taking the steps one by one in a tiring way. The residents of the whole building were waiting for her. Each one at his door was carrying a gift or a different present for her. That was an ideal appreciation for that white soldier.  

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  • It is a good and enjoying article about Ramadan. without any doubt, Islam is a great religion for what it carries for a good life and a developed world. Ramadan is an example for that. Doctors say that fasting is very good for health. 

    In fact, Ramadan is a golden opportunity to get near Allah and ask for mercy and forgiveness and it is also a time to strength our faith and forgive each other. 

    In a word, Ramadan is a great month and I hope to be of those whose fasting is accepted and of those who has Allah mercy and forgiveness.


    • Shookrun jazeelan ya Abdulaleem! Ya Allah tagabal! My friend, doctor Waleed told me that the stomach works eleven months during the day continuously. When Ramadan comes it stops during the day and some sort of maintenance takes place instead. The muscles of the stomach, the different liquids it secretes, the acids, everything inside it is maintained and it is ready for another eleven new months. Thanks, Abdul Aleem for your nice comment. 

  • Terima kasih Eaisha! Thanks for pressing the like button, 



    Hello Dara

    You are good at English but I wonder why the topic is not relevant to your blog!!!!


    • Mumnoon Saba! Thanks for your comment. My respected lady, these are only stories from the time of this deadly virus. I welcome you to see the third topic. Thanks again.

  • I fully agree with Rys.

    I would like to add something.
    How can a believer assume that God or Allah will only listen to believers when they pray in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc.?
    I am not religious, but in my understanding, an almighty God will receive prayers also outside of a building ... because churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc. are nothing more than buildings; only the faith makes them houses of worship. A believer also prays when the houses of worship are closed.

    By the way, dara, the title of your post is "stories from the time of Corona", but you speak mainly about Ramadan. If I were a teacher and you one of my pupils, I would say "Topic missed!"

    • Richtig Rose Iris! I agree with the great blogger. Thanks for your comment and your question too. 

    • Yes Rose you are right. Almighty is not bound by any walls to be heard. Caller can call him from wherever s/he is. Here in USA all these places are closed.  Still the callers calling the Almighty. 


      Dara means to say a certain prays which is done in the last 10 days of Ramadhan and that is Aitekaf (a kind of isolation) which is done only in the mosques for men, women can do at home selecting any corner of any room in the house, isolating themselves in that place, only coming out for any natural need. Men cant do this prayer at home. It is not necessary every one do this pray. Any one person of a certain area can sit in Aitekaf, which is considered done by all the people of that area. 

      • Buhut shukriya Mishaikh janab! What would I do without you? Ramadan in the time of this deadly disease is absolutely different than the previous Ramadans that we used to. We used to make public breakfast and we used to visit relatives and friends and eat their food. By doing so, these people can benefit and get the reward.  We used to go to perform (umrah) during Ramadan which means a lot. Any sort of public gathering is prohibited according to the laws of the government.                                                                Ramadan is different in the time of corona. In the time of corona, incidents and stories happen in a different way. Thanks Mr. Mishaikh for the explanation. 

  • Good Lord.....doctors and nurses spread diseases!!! At first I could not believe that such primitive minded and ignorant people could exist, but it seems they do, to the glory of the Almighty. 

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