Each day, we sit listening to the daily conference on Covit 19.  We hear the live statistics and Coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to the deadly virus. We know the time of briefing from the ministry of health in our country. Up to now, more than three and a half million confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus round the globe.   

 I and my family got used to this kind of lockdown and this routine. People tried to cope with the situation and tried different ways. Many stories were created from Coronavirus, some of them are serious, others are fictitious, and funny causing laughter. Let’s have this one: 

    “The government has just announced that if you have five kids, your family will receive five thousand pounds per week. A man heard the news and said to his wife, "I have a kid with my girlfriend. I'm going to bring him so we can add him to our four kids." When he came back, he saw only one of his kids remaining.

“He asked, “Where are the other three?”

*His wife replied, “You are not the only one who heard the news. Their fathers have come for them!” 

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  •  Spasibo Augustina! First of all, I am sorry about this late reply. You are a great lady. Nice comment. Thank you Augu.

  • Thank you for this post, Dara! 

    Secrets  are often revealed.

    I have mixed feelings about this story. I can't consider it neither sad and funny.


  • Tahiya khasa liwaladik algali ya galiya. Sewar, thanks for pressing the like button.

  •          Really I loudly laughed, in so much, my son wondered the reason. Whether the story is true or false, no one can deny that it is funny. Unfortunately I don’t have such stories. All what I can say about that period, curfew, before it we were a normal family. Every member of it has his or her own issues. You can’t say; we were strangers live in the same house, not that much, but there is something missing in our communication. The period of curfew stopped that and opened the space for loving feelings to surface.  In another words, it brought my family back with excellent communications. Really I am very glad now. Sometimes I hope the period of curfew stays forever, please don’t understand me wrong, but I was missed my loving and my joyous family with its exceptional communication. God bless you my friend and your family as well.

    • Ya Sewar, shoo hal haki? Inti alkhair walbaraka. I agree with you. Some families do not see their members for ages. They only come to visit them from time to time. Some do not. Fathers and mothers need to see their sons in front of them now and then. They really want to turn back their youthful life by seeing them and remembering that beautiful past. The lockdown did part of that. I really appreciate your encouraging words. Extend my regards to your respected family. Thanks, Sewar for your meaningful comment.

  •  Obrigado Gari Alvarez, thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Indeed many people do their best to get a way out from their crisis because of Coronavirus but your story is different and cheerful, thank you 

    • Erin Melad, I hope to be one of your friends. I am sorry for my late reply. You are most welcome. 

  • While I reading that, I  remembering a real factor which is happening in schools here. By the govt offer teachers are going out for collect the children from nearby houses to fulfil the number. Whatever great story ....

    • Oops, main boolgiya! Nishan, in our language, means straight, and you are straight my friend. once more, thanks for your nice comment.

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