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Each day, we sit listening to the daily conference on Covit 19.  We hear the live statistics and Coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to the deadly virus. We know the time of briefing from the ministry of health in our country. Up to now, more than three and a half million confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus round the globe.   

 I and my family got used to this kind of lockdown and this routine. People tried to cope with the situation and tried different ways. Many stories were created from Coronavirus, some of them are serious, others are fictitious, and funny causing laughter. Let’s have this one: 

    “The government has just announced that if you have five kids, your family will receive five thousand pounds per week. A man heard the news and said to his wife, "I have a kid with my girlfriend. I'm going to bring him so we can add him to our four kids." When he came back, he saw only one of his kids remaining.

“He asked, “Where are the other three?”

*His wife replied, “You are not the only one who heard the news. Their fathers have come for them!” 

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