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Grace's Photo Challenge: My shoes

One pair of my shoes.
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  • These shoes are chic and they must suit you, dear Rose. They are easy to combine them, also. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Rose,

    Those are very beautiful, nice and feminine shoes. I like the artistic way as you choose to present them.

    To me, Rose your shoes symbolize a person who is confidently resting in her self.

    It seems to me that you choose your footwear very carefully. I like black shoes, mostly one can wear them with almost everything.

    Beautiful share :)

  • This pair look fab and I'm thinking about what occasion I could wear something like this. We all know that black is a neutral color, but that design gives an impression of feminity. So nice...minus the heels. ;)

  • I may go in search of it in department stores. Thank you for the information. :)

  • Hi Grace, these shoes are Mustang shoes. Maybe you can buy them also in your country.

    I wear these shoes when I wear jeans. That's most of the time.

  • Love the design inside out!! I'd also like to buy ones if I could find somewhere. Rose, how often do you wear the shoes or depending on any specific clothes? Glad to have your participation, thank you! :)

  • Roman, these stones are black pebbles. And...I like my these shoes, too. They are comfortable.

    Onee-chan, my shoes are not black, these Mustangshous are jeans blue.

    ELF-Noor, thanks for complimenting on the presentation of my shoes.

  • WOW,

    Simple and Nice Shoes...

    I like the Presentation.. :P

  • Nice elegant black shoes! ^_^

  • Wooooow! I like everything here! The shoes are elegant! The stones are polished and cool! And the flower with that green branch is completing the picture! Rose, your picture is interesting! Thank you for sharing!:)
    Btw, do you know the names of those stones?
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