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Show Off

Phrasal Verb: Show off

means .... to behave in a way that is intended to attract attention or admiration, and that other people often find annoying. (

Examples: He's always showing off to everyone approaches him

- I took the photo few years ago in my friend's house -

Thank you for visiting my gallery. ^_^

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  • No, Mishaikh. It's my friend's. :)

    Yes, it's pretty and cute. Thanks for your comment. ^^

  • Pretty cat.  It is yours.  

  • Roman and Teacher Dara

    Thank you for your reply.:)

  • Dear Grace, Thank you so much. This idea is great for learners. I hope I will find more pictures soon. ^^

    Thank for the link and collecting it. ^^ Happy Tuesday! ^^
  • Xie xie mod. Grace! I am afraid of cats. They don't have to show off to scare me. By the way, could I be one of your friends? Thanks for sharing.

  • Great, Onee! This photo will be also collected into the album of picturing words. Ta-ta! :)

    Here is the link to that challenge before.

    Photo Challenge#21 : Picturing Words
    Hello everyone, It's been a while since we posted our last challenge. This challenge is inspired by Marriam-Wester, which was recommended by Tara. We…
  • Hi Grace! Thank you! I also didn't know about that!

  • Thank you for your reply, Roman. :)

    Dear Grace, Wow! Really? I didn't know that. Thanks a lot. :)) Sure, I will do that. ^_^

    Thanks for your appreciation, dear. ^^

  • Thank you Onee for the phrasal! Finally, you did it for the challenge we had in 2013... Wow... long long time ago! :D  Keep sharing if you got pictures of any words, idioms. 

    Photo Challenge#21 :Picturing Words
  • Yes, I agree with that!

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