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That's the latest me

That's the latest me
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  • You look like some of my teenage friends. Very sweet btw. ;-)

  • Amo Ishtar, mi amigo. Tu eres lindo. Cute photo!

  • I didn't say 50 shades is sth forbidden omg Estaaaa... 

    Ishtar lmao u made me laugh :D 

  • Hahahah! I swear it's not what you think d: 
    And as a matter of fact I don't like 50 shades... it's too childish *Rolleyes

  • Ella, I don't know what to think :)

  • Omg:)

  • Lol... Luci!   How conservative!   What's wrong with the fifty shades? :D

  • Ishtar..u go like this to school or work? Was wondering if u got home from some sado-masochistic party and I go with ella question.. what's behind you on the wall? Whips or some special torturing instruments? I guess you like 50 shades...
  • Wow! The latest you looks cooler than previous you!

  • Gothic style?... cool!
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