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Hotel Sheraton Corridor leading to our room in LA
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  • Onee If you see the pic. in full screen mode, it will look proper in shape.  I do not know what I am doing wrong while posting the pic here, while it is okay in my cell phone, in its proper shape.  I would appreciate if some one help me technically.


  • :D :D Okay...... 

  • Because clean empty walls are scary:)
    Then better don't watch it:) Otherwise you will start to be afraid of those walls too:)
  • Roman, you said... "clean empty walls". Why would it make you scared?

    NO, hehe. I didn't watch it. :)

  • Onee... Did you watch that movie "The Shining"? But also, there are a lot of the horror movies with the hotel corridors similar to this one...
  • Mishaikh

    Are you that tall or the place is just not high? Just wonder... ^^

    It's like a horror scene! :)))

  • Why would you be be afraid, Roman? :D

  • Woah! That's right! This is like "The Shining"! D:


    Ugh, it makes me shiver... Did you met two little twin girls there?

  • It reminds me of an old Jack Nickolson movie :)
  • This corridor is so long and empty... And those clean empty walls make me afraid of that hotel...

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