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I am one year old in EC

 A year ago, I have joined EC on July 2014 after four years of hearing about from one of my professors at college;but it was as if fate has its own decision, it makes me  remember it after that four long years of my life that were full of many accidents;some were good , others were not;however, they  were beneficial for me.But, according to fate, nothing happens haphazardly, everything occurs for a certain reason at a certain time and in a certain place too.  I am one years old in EC , but its effect equals my past life that is 23 years old.That  year adds a lot for me ; I have become acknowledge with different types of people.Those people have added a lot for my life experience that was like an empty pot before I became a member in EC.  Now, I know well who are good and who are not and I know well how to deal with others.EC has compensated me for many things in life; it encouraged me to be more social .I am really grateful for what EC has granted me that I can never ever forget.All  I can say is "Thank you my EC." 

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ِA letter to My Husband

24 His Heart Street
Somewhere in Egypt,
Dear Husband,
How are you??Hope you are fine.Many many years ago , you are away from me, leaving me all alone.You know??My Birthday was on Thursday20thNovember, 2014.I wish that you were by my side to celebrate it with me.Every year , I celebrate it with my family & friends,but unfortunately , you are not among them.
Why are you not with me?Are you angry with me?Have I done any mistake?If so, you must know that If I annoy you it is just out of my love towards you…Yeah!!It is my love..My strange way of expressing my love for you… I know it seems to be strange and crazy too, but what can I do??It is me... The more you are dear and near to me, and my heart, the more I annoy you…The more I love you, the more I will make you go bananas with me..
I missed you so much even more than you can imagine.I want you to be with me, to spend every single moment of my life with you, to share everything with me, never go anywhere without me there.Without you, I fish out of water..
I am looking forward to seeing you so soon..I am waiting impatiently for you…
Your faithful loving wife
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Surprisingly, however, expectedly and logically as well, I have found out that if you really want to improve your English level, you have to bear in your mind very crucial matter, that is, with whom you should talk on-line. In the sense that, you choose well the persons you are talking to, paying more attention to their English level, in case you want to improve yours, that is because it affects yours unconsciously .In other words, if you are talking to someone whose English is poor and yours is very good, you find that yours has turned to be poor too, and vice -versa .Therefore, you should try to talk to those whose English is better than yours or at least at the same level of yours.


   However, this does not mean that you put an end to your relationship with your friends whose English is not at the same level of yours; even so you should help them improve theirs, that is because, if you help someone today, God will send you who will help you tomorrow .Above all, we should be helpful.

   Moreover, the persons on-line to whom you are talking are divided into two groups: a group you want to talk to improve your English level and that group you don't talk to them regularly;  a group you talk to them just because you like them, the way they talk to you and think of you, paying no attention to their English, even you will catch yourself helping them .You find yourself talking to them for hours and about nothing important .You just like what you feel when you are talking with them, and you wish you could be able to meet them one day, and keep talking and laughing with them, wishing for them  the best of luck and even to live a happier  life than yours because they really deserve it and more.



This is what I can write about them now. However, what I feel towards them can never be convoyed by words; words are so powerless to describe them.


Hope you share with me your viewpoints about that observation.....  

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Female-female relationship on EC seems to be , to some extent, strange but funny at the same time;female seems to be on bad terms with eachother here;They don`t talk with eachother inthe private...I dont really know what is the reason behind this .Here is what happens in the private chat :
1-It seldom happens that a girl go to another girl to start a converstaion by simply saying just "Hi, How are you D" ?.
2-If it happens and she replies "Hi, I am fine Thanks", the female is not so much interested in talking to her.
3-If it happens and they begin to start a conersation in the broad meaning of the word, they begin to suspect eachother ;they dont believe that she is talking to a female like her as if she can`t believe herself .
I don`t mean any one by my words, but I just want to share something I have noticed since I joined EC on July 2014.I just find it so strange that females dont talk much to eachother in that wonderful interesting site for English ....
Thank you all for reading my blog , and I will be waiting for our comments to find out if what I have noticed here is right or wrong?!...Please tell if it happens with males as well...

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    Water forms 71% of the Earth Plant and  70% of our bodies.Water is extremely important for all the living creatures whether humans or plants or animals.Despite being extremely important, we get it polluted by ourselves;we pollute it by our wrong behaviours.But , we can keep it clean , if we really want to do so.There are many ways to keep it clean.

     There are many wrong behaviors by which water get polluted.It can be polluted by throwing dead animals and our daily rubbish in it.Also, if we throw the wastes of the factories in water, it would be polluted and so it will not be valid to use .Polluted water can affect badly our health.If we drink polluted water , our kidneys may be damaged and stop working.

      However, we can keep  the water  we use  for drinking , cooking, irrigating plants clean, if we really and seriously want so..We should save no effort to keep water clean.We should stop throwing dead animals and rubbish in the Nile.Also, we should keep water clean for the sake of the living creatures in the water of the seas and oceans.Furthermore, we should close the tabs very well after using them.

      Shortly speaking, water is the most important thing in our lives.It gives life for all the living creatures.Therefore, we should be on good terms with our nature.We should bear in our minds how life would be , if there was no clean water??Life would stop of course.Moreover, it is a gift from God and it is our duty to save it from pollution.

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I want to know why......

      This is a site whose aim is to help us  learning English , so it is supposed that we are just for the sake of learning English and nothing more.Therefore, we are not here to make friendship , even though it can happen.So, we are not  obliged to give much  more attention to the people we talk to either their names, age,family members, job or any personal details especially if we dont like to talk about it.The problem is that many people dont appreciate that privacy we want to have.                                                                              Surprisingly, If you tell people about your real name they dont believe you and go on thinking of you as a lair.So , what people want us to do for them to be a good human being in their eyes???????In fact, no one can be a good human being in the eyes of all the people ,it is a fact.Dont try to waste your time explaining for all the people why do you  like to keep some personal details a way from them.   

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