I am one year old in EC

 A year ago, I have joined EC on July 2014 after four years of hearing about from one of my professors at college;but it was as if fate has its own decision, it makes me  remember it after that four long years of my life that were full of many accidents;some were good , others were not;however, they  were beneficial for me.But, according to fate, nothing happens haphazardly, everything occurs for a certain reason at a certain time and in a certain place too.  I am one years old in EC , but its effect equals my past life that is 23 years old.That  year adds a lot for me ; I have become acknowledge with different types of people.Those people have added a lot for my life experience that was like an empty pot before I became a member in EC.  Now, I know well who are good and who are not and I know well how to deal with others.EC has compensated me for many things in life; it encouraged me to be more social .I am really grateful for what EC has granted me that I can never ever forget.All  I can say is "Thank you my EC." 

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  • @MARIE LORABELLE REBOYA : Yeah, you are completely right. I will correct my mistakes.Good D you are growing old here hahaah .Thank a lot for you comment .

    @Eric : Ohhh Thank you for wishing me Happy Birthday , you are the only who wished me happy Birthday haha.YOU know ! I think EC years are much more worthy than seven years for me because in my real life I have not experienced what I have experienced here .REeally thank you for encouraging me, I have been away from posting and writing since my real birthday hahha .NOw, I Have two Birthdays unlike others hahah.Thanks once again :)Thank a lot for you comment

    @MIshaikh :yeah you are right.I am now thinking seriously of writing a blog about the change that has happened to me after joining EC.Thank a lot for you comment.

    @ Elen: Thank you ELen so much for wishing me happy Birthday . Ohhh that is really so much for me , you always encourage me and I really wish that my blogs are good enough for you to read and you can benefit from it .I wish I could be here till the end of life and be with you Elen too ;) :) :-*

    @Setareh : Yeah, you are right , EC is such agreat site that I can never forget it because I know great people like you Seta ;) .Thank you Dear for your wishes and I wish you the same.
    @ Jesson :Thank you JEson for your warm wishes.So, you are older four months older than me haha.It is really very good site to learn ENglish.

  • Happy 1st year birthday in English Club, Rosalind, I've started being a member here in March 2014, this site is very good for English learners.

  • Dear Rozalind, just like you I have learned so many things. I also got to know so many great people. I have found some nice friends like yourself. I wish you a long and happy stay on EC.:D
  • Ohh my sweet Rosalind!! :)) Happy birthday! I wish you to stay many years here and share with us many blogs. I know that you write very good blogs with interesting topics. I really believe that we have many good things to see and learn from you!

  • Marie I also started in October 2013, so I am 3 months younger to become two years on EC.

  • I started my English club since Oct or Nov 2013 so on Nov 2015 it's my 2nd year.

  • Write a blog Rosa, on your experiences you got during this one year.  It will be worth reading.

  • Happy first birthday Rosalind!:) You know they say that every year in human terms is worth seven to a dog. I wonder if the same is true for EC years?:P That'd make you seven and me twenty one. Regardless, please keep posting and never quit learning. Great job!

  • Then change All what I can to All I can say....

  • TITLE: Change years to year because you refer to one.

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