ِA letter to My Husband

24 His Heart Street
Somewhere in Egypt,
Dear Husband,
How are you??Hope you are fine.Many many years ago , you are away from me, leaving me all alone.You know??My Birthday was on Thursday20thNovember, 2014.I wish that you were by my side to celebrate it with me.Every year , I celebrate it with my family & friends,but unfortunately , you are not among them.
Why are you not with me?Are you angry with me?Have I done any mistake?If so, you must know that If I annoy you it is just out of my love towards you…Yeah!!It is my love..My strange way of expressing my love for you… I know it seems to be strange and crazy too, but what can I do??It is me... The more you are dear and near to me, and my heart, the more I annoy you…The more I love you, the more I will make you go bananas with me..
I missed you so much even more than you can imagine.I want you to be with me, to spend every single moment of my life with you, to share everything with me, never go anywhere without me there.Without you, I fish out of water..
I am looking forward to seeing you so soon..I am waiting impatiently for you…
Your faithful loving wife
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  •  @ A REality:Oh !it is me who should thank you for those sweet words you have used describing my letter.Take it easy I am not annoyed beacsue of your corrections to my mistakes, I am happy because I am learning.But I find something in your comments and I want you to know it"Belong to" you forget the preposition to..That is all..Thank you so much

  • I respect your heart and pure love.

  • Thank you so much Jeqe for thinking of it as  nice lines...

  • nice line....
  • @Gulza Hussain:Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog & for your warm wishes too.I wish he realizes this one day or another.

  • Lovely letter! may God guide your husband to understand how you love him ameeen

  • Noaslpls:yeah, you are right , up till now, I don't live with him though I love him so much.Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    @Komala:YOu feel how much I miss him , but he feels nothing.Lol.Yeah , please, pray for me Komala.I felt you too sister, that is why I write such letter to express your eagerness to your husband too ;).Thanks for liking & commenting on my Blog.

     @Sandra : I like so much your words,they really touch my heart.Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    @KOlbasa:Thank you so much for nice comment on my blog.

    @Similina:Thank you so much Dear for your nice words on my blog& thanks for your warm wishes to me and my Husband.

    @Expector Smith:you know..???I feel that I was not good at expressing how much I love him, but at the time I wrote it, I expressed my love in this way; by those words.I confess that the way we express our love varies and the way we expect the other side to love us varies too.But , as you have said, we must notify the way we want the other side to love us, just to avoid problems.Thanks for commenting on my blog.

     @Fizzy:Thank you so much for your sweet words on my bblog and for your warm wishes for me .Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday even it passed.I feel it is now haah


    @ِAfro..Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog.


    @Valinteine:I am really happy to know that you enjoyed reading my blog.Thank you so much for your lovely comment & sweet words.


    @Mishaikh:Thank you so much for that sweet words;I like them so much.Thanks again for your instructions concerning punctuation marks.Thanks over and over again.


    @Roy: I am glade to know that you like my letter and you are right , he is still in my heart and will till I die.

    Stunning Mind:I am really happy to know that my words has already touched your heart and what makes me happier is to know that you hav the same amount of emotions towards your wife.Wish you are always happy.Thanks for your warm wishes for me&thanks for  that nice comment on my blog.

    Julaia:  Thank you so much my dear sister for reading my blog and for your nice .comment as well as your warm wishes for me..Wish you the same.

  • Hi dear Ros .i read your written .it was very nice .Good luck to you.

  • niceeeeeeeeee,,,,,Heart touching,, Same r my feelings for my wife.

    May ur wishes come true n May u b happy in ur life!!!

  • Touching letter,thanks for posting. 

     "he is still in your heart"

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