Female -Female Relationship on EC

Female-female relationship on EC seems to be , to some extent, strange but funny at the same time;female seems to be on bad terms with eachother here;They don`t talk with eachother inthe private...I dont really know what is the reason behind this .Here is what happens in the private chat :
1-It seldom happens that a girl go to another girl to start a converstaion by simply saying just "Hi, How are you D" ?.
2-If it happens and she replies "Hi, I am fine Thanks", the female is not so much interested in talking to her.
3-If it happens and they begin to start a conersation in the broad meaning of the word, they begin to suspect eachother ;they dont believe that she is talking to a female like her as if she can`t believe herself .
I don`t mean any one by my words, but I just want to share something I have noticed since I joined EC on July 2014.I just find it so strange that females dont talk much to eachother in that wonderful interesting site for English ....
Thank you all for reading my blog , and I will be waiting for our comments to find out if what I have noticed here is right or wrong?!...Please tell if it happens with males as well...

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  • @ Sandra: I am blogging what happens with me , but it does not mean that no female talks with me at all;they are not so much , just 3 or 4.Even after that blog few female come to talk with me on private but now it is over....ahhaha.Anyway thank you for your nice comment on my blog and I love all the people including females too.Hope we talk in private;)

    @ Areality:yeah, I agree with you so much, but I just want to keep on touch with females because sometimes talking with a female like me maybe more comfortable; I mean she can understand my thoughts and my emotions..That is all.Thanks for your nice blog on my blog.:)

  • @Gulzar Hussain: you remind me of an Egyptian proverb that means "if you can't trust any one , if you don't trust yourself."So, you are right.Thanks Gulzar-----:)

    @ Angle: My Dear, thanks so much for your small words , though expressive ,at the same time.Hope you share the facts with me...I hope we can be good friends Angel ;)

  • dear rosalind !!!!!

    really nice blog... finding facts is still going on....highlighted a real issue..

  • I think females don’t need to be that much suspicious if is it): If they are not believe herself they couldn't believe any one):::

  • @May in the Kitchen:Yes, you are right , maybe , they are busy or want to talk about a specific idea ..I have to confess something , I am not very good at drawing having others` attention.....Thanks for praising  me  Dear..Thanks for commenting on my blog

    @ Noaslpls:You are welcome..But I dont know if you think of my experience as good or bad one...So , you should thanks God for blessing you with good females...

    Sure, " Chemistry' is of so much importance for having conversations with others..Thanks really for your advice , I appreciate it  so much because I dont want to kill the conversation :)..Thanks for commenting on my blog.

     @Aziz Adle:so  this means that we are not here for learning the language..It is not surprising to find that men deal men in the same way as women do..Yeh you  are right , Thanks for commenting on my blog....

    "@Komala:yeh  , right, this is always happens with me except for one female here who always comes to talk to me and our conversation last for so long > I agree with you concerning the point of how to deal with female follows , but please…

    @Femina:You are right , we should help each other to learn the language...Concerning the point of new comers , I agree that is not easy to trust them as soon as they join that site because it take time to trust them as old members..By the way , there are many great females here including you..Thanks for your invitation to talk to you..Thanks for commenting on my blog

    @ Patricia:yeh , this is what happens with me;boys come to chat with me, but girls dont...It is really very strange action here..Thanks Dear for commenting on my blog

    @ Luci:Maybe it is individual....Really, my relationship with females here is limited, so limited in fact ...BUt I welcome any female in my private even if she is not going to say " Hi, HOw are you?, or Even Where are you from?" hahaahah..Thanks for commenting D

  • Hmm ... it's interesting to read your experience and some of the comments in here. Maybe I am lucky that I found so many interesting and fun FEMALE friends in EC. We had fun and serious conversations; either in the main or private chat.

    So I think it's all depend on the 'chemistry' between members. Conversations between members will flow naturally if everyone have something interesting or common topic to talk about. It doesn't meant that whenever you entered the chat room, the first question is; 'What's the topic of the conversation' because honestly it kills the conversations most of the time.

  • In my opinion that might be due to the fact that tare usually attracted to the opposite gender, particularly regarding learning a new language. That is true for both sexes indeed. As to chatting with males, I think it is not like that as I have got many good friends here and we have been having very interesting discussions. However, I believe that to some extnet they might prefer chatting with females to males.
  • You are very right Rosa, Females conversation don't go for long. since i came on this site EC  i have never interacted with any female because when ever i say hi to some of them, their response is always "Hello" nothing more then that. am sure they dnt find pleasure in talking with their fellow female. and  we need to learn how to interact with each others as a lady. I get really sad when i message a female and they don't reply.

    I  have always think  that it's  happening to me only. not knowing that other are experiencing the same. Thanks for  this blog Rosa it very interesting and true.

  • i agreev with you rosa .un animous .. we should frndly and help wth each other in learning ..at thesame time we should not believe others easily coz now adays the fake is increasing every where .that is the reasons girls having suspect while talking wth new one..i used to talk wth girls thanks they are so nice unfortunately i didnt get much frnds from ec ..i always welcome u my frnd aswell as sister ..
  • @ Patricia:yeh , this is what happens with me;boys come to chat with me, but girls dont...It is really very strange action here..Thanks Dear for commenting on my blog

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