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  • Hello there
  • Komala, if you have time.  Today is the last day, dear!


  • Hello, as I said, there are no other solution. Whatever we do there is no way to turn things back. Sooner or later human race will finish all planet recources and eliminate all living things.

    Other words are just for fun or to make illusion that we fight for planet = we save 1 tree, while in other part of the world 1000 are cut. We save 1 animal, when in other part of the world 1000 are cut.
  • HOw are you, Komal, dear sister & friend..It me who should thank you for yoour lovely comment on my page, each time you leave sweet words there.It is your avatar that is so cool and amazing.I like the sea there and I think that see is always charming.I ma doing fine..Thanks D
  • Hello, Komala

    Many weeks ago I did not see you on line...I really missed talking with you ...Just try to be on line and tell me that you are fine to have my heart seated.By the way,I like your picture so much ;)  :*

  • Komalaaaaaaaa....wake up dear!  You have been sleeping for a long time now.

  • goodday_56.gif

  • Hello Komala.  What a lovely picture you got there.  Thanks a million for poking me and dragging my feet again in EC, hahaha.  You just extracted me from my busy world.  I know that one poke from you could change my mind and I would be here on your page.  

    It's really wonderful to see you again and again on my page.  Thanks a lot for the effort, Komala!

  • Happy New Year to you and your beloved ones!

    Wishing thsi year will bring you good health joy and whatever you wish for!

    may ALLAH make all your wishes and dreasm come true this year!

    Best wishes from me!


  • I want to improve My english please help me my skype id:deep12612
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