Surprisingly, however, expectedly and logically as well, I have found out that if you really want to improve your English level, you have to bear in your mind very crucial matter, that is, with whom you should talk on-line. In the sense that, you choose well the persons you are talking to, paying more attention to their English level, in case you want to improve yours, that is because it affects yours unconsciously .In other words, if you are talking to someone whose English is poor and yours is very good, you find that yours has turned to be poor too, and vice -versa .Therefore, you should try to talk to those whose English is better than yours or at least at the same level of yours.


   However, this does not mean that you put an end to your relationship with your friends whose English is not at the same level of yours; even so you should help them improve theirs, that is because, if you help someone today, God will send you who will help you tomorrow .Above all, we should be helpful.

   Moreover, the persons on-line to whom you are talking are divided into two groups: a group you want to talk to improve your English level and that group you don't talk to them regularly;  a group you talk to them just because you like them, the way they talk to you and think of you, paying no attention to their English, even you will catch yourself helping them .You find yourself talking to them for hours and about nothing important .You just like what you feel when you are talking with them, and you wish you could be able to meet them one day, and keep talking and laughing with them, wishing for them  the best of luck and even to live a happier  life than yours because they really deserve it and more.



This is what I can write about them now. However, what I feel towards them can never be convoyed by words; words are so powerless to describe them.


Hope you share with me your viewpoints about that observation.....  

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  • Hello, come across this writing and tickle me to write my thought. You delivered the topic nicely, however, I have different experiences related to talking online with people. I've been using another apps not EC site for 7 years and find myself partly enjoy it. Mostly I put them equally both the expert one and the lower one. The only reason I'll keep my conversation going on is for how smart, open-minded, and comfortable to talk to. I am never afraid of its effect on my level of English. Because the way I react, I write back, I call back, those things are on mine. I learn from various sources not only online apps/sites. And mostly I choose a genuine source in case I want to learn seriously. Then I talk to everyone equally when I want to practice what I've got.  This way I hope I do something useful and impactful not only for myself but also for everyone.  - Peony.

  • @ MArcel: It is not like that MArcel , I said that we should  help anyone whose Engslih is not at the same level as ours because in this way will  Allah will send  people whose English is better than ours and we will improve our English as a result.YOu are right , even those whom I think that their English is not good enough , they have added many many new words to me..I am really grateful to anyone who talks with me because everyone has added something new to me.

    Thank  you so much Marcel for your comment  on my page 

  • Rosalind well said .. i liked this blog . but one thing what i noticed is "You should talk to the one who is better than us in ENGLISH" if every other feels the same way where can we get the person to talk with us. What I will suggest is that you must talk to everyone who are interested and we shouldn't guaage anyone , we can learn something we don't know from them. And by teaching wat you know you will not become poorer but you can become a master . This is my comment if i am wrong I am open to correction :)

  • Really, I am speechless in front of your nice words on my blog.You are right we should keep in contact  with those people whose English is better ours and whose English is not that at the same level of ours. ..Iam really happy that you described my blog as "meaningful".That you so much for liking & commenting on it

  • @GkSA Kumara(Sam):Yeah that is what I really mean , those with whom you talk regularly are the dear ones , and that you don't pay attention whether you learn from them or not , while I am quiet sure that they help you learn the language..Of course, you should help others to learn English because in his way you are helping yourself too..Thanks for commenting on my Blog..

    @Komala:Me too reply to all those who talk to me on Ec .....But I mean to help those whose English is not that so very good because we are helping ourselves as well.....Thanks for commenting on my blog .. 

  • Rose:)

    I some how agree with you. but for me, I talk  with every one who send me message on EC because i know very well that we all are here to help each other improve our English skills . being picky and choosing who or whom to talk with simply because the other person English level is very poor is really not a good thing for us to do here on EC. lets help each other by talking and communicating with each when available. 

    Thanks again for bringing this important discussion out.

  • Dear Rosalind, My life will become better by making others lives better. There are lot of people who are trying to improve their English in my Skype, but the only few amount of them who have some certain knowledge make some discussions with me regularly. I'm so lucky to have such friends ..but I'm really worrying about my others who are trying to figure out a path to find the succeed. I think that we can improve our English without any failure by giving them a really assistance, this is where the our succeed. 

  • @ Luci:I know that it is a natural process and unconscious too to learn the language and it is the most effective way to improve it.Yeah hahaah it happens with me too that I use to use my friends' words and expressions..Thanks for commenting on my blog..

    @ Annah:Thanks really for considering it a worthwhile blog..Yes , it is really very interesting that some people connect both faces for us..Yes , sure..Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  • Rosa,
    dear I think it all should be natural process. I prefer talking on skype to ppl with better English but not talking like we would discuss English, just common talks and...believe it or not but by the time passes one day u will catch yourself using the phrases you have heard from your friends. It just works like this and I find it pretty good :-)
  • @ Rami: To find someone to talk to is not an issue, it is very available here in that site, or at least , for me.But, What I mean is that  a person who can at least help you or advice you how to improve yours.I totally agree that exposure to the language will make you learnt a new thing every time.Thanks for  liking & commenting on my blog

    @ Annah Siddiqi: the beautiful active lady ,  I am blushed D hahah Thanks really for encouraging me and  agreeing with me too ;)..Thanks for liking &  commenting on my blog..

    @..............: lol it is my  computer  version of Windows .Thanks really for your encouraging words to me, and this is the way I write English , but I think I have lost  my ability to write in a more enjoyable way..Thanks for  liking & commenting on my blog.

    @Arman:Hi , you are  really helping me on both sides and I am very proud of knowing you.You are much more kind than me I know that  for sure.YOu are really on the top of them, and you know that ;)...

    @Expecter Smith :Thanks  for think of my blog as an interesting one.It is not like that, I mean it will never go down , but at least you will have to use simple words to make communication easier.OK , I will do according to your advice and practice more.Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    @Mishaikh:Really I have not taken to any native speak til now, so , I don't know about it.Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    @Kirku:GoSo my observation  is right.You are right , we must make sure that the people we are talking to are good.The same happens with me, I know well who are my close friends and who are those to learn from.Thanks for liking &  commenting on my blog.

    @Seeker:Thanks for thinking of my blog as interesting yes of course , you are right , that is hwy I say If you help someone today , God will send who will help you tomorrow.Thanks for liking & commenting on my blog.

    @Tintin:Thanks for thinking of my blog as interesting one .I believe that even whose English is not at the same level as yours can teach you many things because learning is a two way process, it is to give and take.Glade to know that we have the same viewpoint concerning talking to those whose ENglish is better than you will will you a lot.Thanks for liking & commenting on my blog.

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