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iPhone Logged-out Again and Again

I have to log in many times a day even when I already have MyEC open in my iPhone browser! Still, the network makes me log in again because those tabs get logged out somehow and it forgets who I am while I'm still logged in. 

I need to use the iPhone

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Voting or not voting

Why do people make such an effort to have a chance to vote, maybe even protesting or fighting and dying for their rights...and then not vote 100% of the time?  

I've lived in many kinds of countries and I am amazed that some people will die for the ri

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Why do you write or why do you not write on EnglishClub?

Some of my friends do not write blogs or discussions. I see that some people only chat and use "Lazy English" instead of spelling out proper words. 

How can anyone help a person who does not try

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If you could

If you could write a blog with no effort at all, what would you write about?

What if you could just snap your fingers and a great blog would appear on your computer as if by magic? This would be a perfectly written and very interesting blog. Everyone

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TOEIC Exam, Important Words to Know

The TOEIC Exam (by Educational Testing Service) is a good test of English knowledge for business, the workplace and international communication.  I teach a lot of classes to expand the vocabulary of students who will take the TOEIC.

I recommend the Ba

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Photo problems

I wonder if anyone else if having problems displaying photos or uploading photos. I think all my software is up to date, but maybe in my part of Saudi Arabia something else is causing the problem. Many times I can only see the title of pictures but n

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A Different Weekend

We are about to change our weekend in Saudi Arabia.  We are the only Gulf Country with a Thursday-Friday weekend. Now our weekends will begin a day later and be on Friday and Saturday, like the other Gulf Countries.

Some Clerics have complained that t

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Love the Mobile App

I love the mobile application for EC. I only wish I could comment from it.It is great that I can read EC emails and follow links. I also love that I can approve new friends from my iPhone.Do you love this app too?Have you learned some tricks on how t

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