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Hello there.

I'm on cloud nine at the moment. Let me share you the reason of my excitement. I am a teacher at private language school. I teach English as a foreign…

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MA NO commented on Roman's video
"hehe roman , fonsi should be envy of you;-)"
1 hour ago
MA NO commented on Roman's video
"Roman, you should have read my comment between the lines :P"
1 hour ago
MA NO commented on Roman's video
"Oh Roman you sing despacito??:) Right now I cant listen coz holding a lesson but I'll listen to it…"
1 hour ago
MA NO commented on MARY's video
"Hi Mary, nice walkway:) It'd have been nicer if you had talked instead of that writing in the video…"
1 hour ago
MA NO commented on Vicki Hollett's video
"Great video Vicki! 

I always tell my students to listen new words before they memorize them and pay…"
1 hour ago
MA NO commented on MA NO's photo
"Janeth, nice idea:)  it would be an interesting show to be seen before having that barbecue:)"
MA NO commented on janedvr's photo
"loved it!"
MA NO commented on Rose Iris's photo
"Nice corner Rose :). I liked the photo collage decorating your foreground. I'm going to steal your…"

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    Hi Ma No,

    I think you deleted it yourself or admin did it. It's about a month ago. Thanks for your response. 


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    Hi Mano,

    How are you? I hope everything is well with you.

    By the way, I think you forgot to titled the photo that you uploaded. Can you give it a title please... :D

    Have a good day! :)

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  • Happy Birthday :D

    I wish you to be happy, where you are!

    I wish you a great health, good luck and ofcourse LOVE!
  • Welcome EC Member to My English Club! Can you visit my page and see The Wedding and give us your point of view? Thanks!
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