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Dear EC members, as you see new format of MyEC has recently launched and we all are excited about it.  There  is  confusion around and  things keep changing time to time. You may not be able to access specific contents but this is normal and these kind of changes are expected to happen as the site is still being updated.  We need to be more patient to avoid overacting and reacting on ongoing upgrade and let engineers finish their work.  Once updating is done everything will probably be on its place.   

You can retrieve your old files in  the old MyEC network.

To give your opinions about new MyEC, you can do it  HERE .

Thank you



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  • Feelin dank mod. Ma No! Thanks for sharing useful information. 

  • Thanks for informing.

  •     Thanks for your reply MA  NO  :)

  • Hello Rosemary, 

    If I understood well, you had had an another account in the old MyEC before this one and due to sign in problems you DEACTIVATED it where you had those blogs, right?

    If so before closing your account there is a question, an option which lets you save all your old contents by NOT ticking the box in case you decide to come back again with the same email you used for signing up. It looks like this :


    If you ticked that box then all your files must have been deleted with the account and it has nothing to do with the new UPGRADE of MyEC.

    Anyway, you are a good writer. I do like reading your posts and I am sure you will give us much more interesting blogs than those you had there.

    Keep blogging :)

  •    Hi MA  NO , I have  a personal   problem  of mine  . It's is I have had an account  before this one and due to some logging  in problems  I had to shut it down  . In that account I wrote many of my previous  blogs  , which , I was too lazy to copy into my new one  . I was looking in the old version of my English Club  for them but I couldn't  find any sign or trait  . It might be lost because of the upgrade  of the site  ? Or can I get them back   . This is my question   . Anyway  if they are lost or delete   , it's okay  I am still here  :)  . 

  • Hello Robbie, when I click the link in my post it redirects me to the old MyEC network where I can access all my old files. Try the link from the main page to get there, if it doesn work either then let Mr. Josef know about this issue. 

  • Thank you for your initiative to inform everyone about the new and improved (hopefully) MyEC! Patient is really a virtue. By the way, I couldn't access my old files yet, when I clicked my old page, it only led me to my new page. I'll just wait for it to be fixed, too. 

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