Hide or Show?

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The discussion title might have caught your attention :) Well, the question is about putting your real photo or name on the internet websites like MyEC. What are the pros and cons of using your real names and photos on the internet? 

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  • Well, I speak only for myself. I have a unique name. Yes, only one "NotAClue" in the whole world wide web exists at this time... So it's pretty easy to get my address and phone number. Would anyone want this? I don't. And why should I use a real picture of myself as profile pic?? Do I need attention? Nope, got enough weirdos in my real life already. So a definite NO from my side. Also I'm totally not interested how other people look like. When I know people for a longer period of time this might change... but otherwise it's of no interest to me. 

    Different question: Is a heavily photoshopped photo still a real photo?


  • For learning English or practising it, there is no need to show gender, country or any identity. Someone ask me "are you male or female? I replied him, " I haven't decided yet" hahaha. 

  • So, if you aren't a banger you haven't to hide anything, or in other cases there are people who have a certain backgrounds and they have no how to show their faces

    But i say that when we're talking about hide or show it depends only on you...

    So, people if we consider that if i show my face i'll be exposed to dangerous situations is something very strange. Because from one way or another you are able to face problems at any time

  •   Just to add a final thing  , most of us here represent our real identities  through our writings   and it reflects  many wonderful  traits  . This is the reality about us  , our souls  are exposed to everyone but our names isn't there   . I was planning to write a blog about this how people show their inner souls under fake names online and end up showing their plain truth like a shinning  sun  . Bad people don't cover anything here they are as clear as crystal  . In real life people put on masks and they  can't do  things in front of public  . Because  , they are afraid of defaming  or losing their social status but online they feel free to appear as devils  if they are devils .  On my profile of the old English Club  i wrote this sentence  " Here is me in my cyber  template  read my words to see my soul "  Have a nice day :)

    • 2858388943?profile=RESIZE_710x the bad people don't cover anything. 

      • Arif, guess you misunderstood the point)

        • I got what Sister Rosemary said. I was just kidding 

  •   It's a good topic  , I will speak about myself  . I have thought of putting my real name and my photo  here  but I can't do it due to many factors related to my social background  . It might cause me many harm  . I agree with many members saying that we are here to learn only  . The English Club is my cyber home  . I love this place and it's people a lot  . My real name is Hayat I have mentioned that to many here and they know where and who I am and I don't lie about my personal information  , but there are things I should hide or not say at all .

    • I agree with Rosemary on her point. We should support each other without having any personal interest and gain. 

    • Rosemary, agreed totally. Thank you for your comment. 

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