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  • Dear Kamal,

    We are pleased to Welcome you to SKYPERS Group.

    Your registration is in progress. You will be added as soon as possible in the absence of any defects. Thank you for your patience.

    Regards, [SKYPERS Admin]

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  • Thank You For The Friendship Request! (^_^)
  • Hey,

    I shared a blog post. Here it is : http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/four-strategies-to-work-le... . I want you to read it and give your opinion about it :)

    Thank you

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    Thank you very much for adding me as friend, Mr. Kamal Mustafa.

    Nice to meet you, teacher... A cup of hot coffee for you..

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    It's a pleasure to meet a teacher in EC.  I am hoping that you will enjoy your stay here.  Thank you, Kamal!

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I believe...

I believe when people suffer lacking something, it is predominant in their speeches... What do you think? Sometimes we see people our around that complain about others behavior, traits ...but when we see deeply,, they try to attribute that traits to…

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