Lady Anne commented on tawfeeq's blog post Problematic Of choosing Leaders
"If all citizens think like you, probably your country will be able to have a good leader. Nice to s…"
Nov 15, 2019
Lady Anne commented on Mishaikh's blog post SADNESS
"So ironic to say that in sadness, we may find happiness.  If sadness is not there, we will never kn…"
Oct 4, 2019
Lady Anne and Adriano Martelli are now friends
Oct 4, 2019
Lady Anne and Aragon are now friends
Jul 13, 2019
Lady Anne commented on Lady Anne's video
"He is not an English native speaker but wooooo.... oh my!  Truly this kid is greatly blessed."
Jun 24, 2019
Lady Anne commented on Lady Anne's video
"Yeah... this kid really amazes me to the point of disbelieving that such a person exists."
Jun 24, 2019
Lady Anne commented on mitran's video
"omg....I can hear mom's voice in the background.  She's trying to steal your shining moment, lol!
Jun 24, 2019
Lady Anne commented on Luci's video
" are really very talented in everything.  I wish you could post a blog which would help…"
Jun 24, 2019

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  • Thanks so much for the nice comment. I hope it will be a good chance to talk to you and learn English with you.

  • Thanks so much for the nice words.

  • We have to wait and see :)

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  • LOL Noty is back and she is not the same naiive wow gal who we let he pay the bill of our food at resturants (Dolly's blog) And she got why I hadn't wish nido and her a Happy women's day kekeke

    Isn't she amazing ;)

    @Nido, i didnot do nothing and a smart funny intellegent wow gal like me will never do something idiotic so cut the crap and let us arrange a welcome party for the wow gals ;)

  • And Tell Nida don't get abset that Roro just wished you and ignoring us. Roro thinks those who don't write "Lady" before their names are not women I guess. :D

  • Here I am :D 

    I heard your wish and I come back to spread love, craziness and all GREAT things in this world. :D

    I will give life to this place again. :D

    Hay please don't call me arrogant because I'm truly not. :D 

    Missed you very badly. 

  • Good Morning, Anne!

    Why did Roro wish women's day only you? Doesn't she know we all belong to same gender? Tell her to stop complaining about me. She does stupid things but doesn't want me to call her an idiot. kekeke

  • Happy Belated Women Day <3

    We Women Rock ;)

This reply was deleted.