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The story of a pencil.

    The child was looking at his grandmother who was writing a letter. After a while, she asked her.

-Are you writing a story which happened to us? Is it a story for me?

The grandmother stopped writing, smiled and said to her grandson:

-Really I'm writing about you. But the most remarkable thing of all the words is the pencil I use. I would like when you grow up to become like this the curious child looked at the pencil but he didn't see anything special about it.

-It's the same with all the pencils that I have seen in my life.!

-Everything depends on the view you observe things. The pencil has five qualities which if you can manage to keep, you will be in harmony with this world.

First quality: You can do big things but you must never forget there is a hand which guides your steps. This hand is called: "God" and he  must

always guide you according to his will.

Second quality: From time to time must stop writing and use the sharpener this makes the pencil to suffer in a way. , but in the end, it will be sharper.

So you must suffer certain tests because they will make you a better person.

Third quality: The pencil always lets us erase the mistakes. Understand that when we correct something we did it's not necessarily bad but important to be in the path of right. The fourth quality is the graphite that's inside so you should take care of your inside and the fifth quality leaves always a scar. So everything you do in your life will leave traces and you must try to have awareness of each of your actions.

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The smile

  A smile doesn't cost anything, but it's so precious. It makes someone who accepts it rich without making poor the person who gives it.

It lasts only a moment but its memory is many times forever.

A smile rests a tired person gives courage to a disappointed one comforts the sad one, boosts the hopefulness and creates happiness in the house. And though cannot be borrowed, cannot be stolen, cannot be bought cannot be taken by force, because it's something that has value when it's given. And if one day meets somebody who will not donate the smile you deserve to be generous and higher people and you give yours because nobody needs it more than the person who can give it, too.


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The climate of the Earth is always changing. In the past, it has altered as a result of natural causes. Nowadays, however, the term" climate change" is generally used when referring to changes in our climate which have been identified since the early part of the twentieth century. The changes we've seen over recent years and those which are predicted to occur over the next 100 are thought by many to be largely a result of human behavior rather than due to natural changes in the atmosphere. And this is what is so significant about current climatic trends; never before has man played such a significant role in determining long- term weather patterns - we are entering the unknown and there is no precedent for might happen next.

The greenhouse effect is very important when we talk about climate change as it relates to the gases which keep the Earth warm. Although the greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is believed that the effect would be intensified by human activity and the emission of gases into the atmosphere. There are many institutions around the world whose sole priority is to take action against these environmental problems. Green peace is the organization that is probably the most well-known. Fortunately, the use of renewable energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat-which can be naturally replenished.

Walking or riding a bike instead of driving a car uses fewer fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide int the atmosphere. In addition, using products that are made from recycled paper, glass, metal, and plastic reduce carbon emissions because they use less energy to manufacture than products made from completely new materials.


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What would you say?

 1. Suppose you meet an old friend you haven't seen for a long time.

2.You go into a railway station where every seat is occupied except one, and a woman has a parcel on this.

3.You bump into a woman in the street and she drops one of some parcels.

4. You have lost your way in the London Underground.

5.You are looking for somewhere to have lunch.

6.You meet a friend who invites you out to lunch.


"Hello!How are you? It must be ages since we met." 

"I haven't seen you for ages."

"How very nice to see you again."

"Excuse me. Is this seat taken?"

"I'm  so sorry. Let me pick it up for you?"

"Excuse me. I want to get to Victoria station. Which Line do I take?"

"Excuse me. Can you recommend a good restaurant near here?"

"Thanks very much. I'd love to."

I would be very pleased if you write your own answers to each situation.


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" A lesson for life"

  Today I met Poppy a  helpless woman in black clothes.She was standing very shy behind a tree. She was asking for some food to take to her two boys.I  asked her what was wrong and she told me all her story.She was coming from a faraway place of the city.She told me that her husband was in jail for drugs.

She lost her job.She used to take care an old man but the man died.As you can understand without job and responsible for two twin boys.In winter she had a job and her children could eat lunch at school.Now she didn't have anything.

She had tears in her eyes and told the bitter truth that she was so sad ,afraid and shy.She was also sick .

Some people in church gave her some money but they are not enough.She had food for only a few days.Yesterday they had only spaghetti. I felt so sorry and compassionate that I gave the bread and biscuits I bought for me.I took her mobile phone number and promised maybe I could help her.

I  can't forget this woman in real need.

I  wish  God help her in some way to find comfort and piece.

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"Describing your room"

There's a lot of white in my room. It's my favourite colour and I like it here because it makes the room very warm. I've got a white sofa, and white spot lights, a white blind which makes the room  very cosy. I've also got white supports for my books shelves so it takes up the same colour scheme again. 

There's also a cushion  the same white colour again which is my mother's present. I like it very much. This  cushion echoes my rug which I think it's the central think in the room. 

It's so beautiful with diagonal patterns,zig-zags and circles.

There's a lot of wood in the room as well.There's a desk in the corner where I study a lot and a table. It has an octagonal shape.It's a folding table which suits the small room.

What about your room? Would you like to describe it?

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"Five senses"

   How many words do you know in English that are related to the five senses? Look at the list below and then work with a partner to try to place them according to the sense they relate to. Then see if you can find one more example of your own for each category.

aroma,bitter,blind,book,breathe,deaf,feel,flavour,food,handle,hear,hold,listen to,look,music,nose,odour,perfume,pinch,press,rub,salty,scent,see,shout,sniff,sound,stroke,sweet,tastes like,tongue,view,vision,watch,whisper.


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New wishes for this year.

   Either it was a difficult or an easy year for  you there must be something more you would like to hope and change in your life.

Maybe you would like a new trusty friend to share things with 

him or her.

Even if you have a job you dream about a better one in a better environment and higher salary.

If something is wrong in your married life you want something to change in your relationship.

Always wish for health in sickness and want to do everything for it.

And those who live alone wish to find a nice loving partner

to care for.

Happy wishes for Christmas and a  creative new year.

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Have some fun !


 This time I decided to make us laugh.I hope you'll enjoy them!


_ I like this fox leather very much, says a lady to the saleswoman in the fur shop.

_Is it sensitive in the rain?

_What do you say,madam, says the saleswoman. Have you ever seen a fox with an umbrella?


A drunk man is walking around a lamp post,looking for something. A policeman is approaching .

_What are you doing here? he asks him.

_I lost my money and I 'm looking for them.

_May I help you because I'm sure that you can't see so well now,says the policeman laughing and started looking for it ,too.He can't find anything , asks the drunk:

_Are you sure that you lost it here?

_No ,I lost it somewhere else but here I can see because there is light.

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Protect the Earth!


1 Which one of these is an animal protection society?

a Chimpanzee's Tea Party

b Hellenic Wildlife Hospital

c Green peace

2 If you found an injured animal , what would you do?

a Call a vet

b Take it home

c Leave it for someone else to take care of it

3 It is winter time and some birds visit your garden or balcony

a Shoo them 

b Watch them through the window

c Feed them

4 How many projects relating to birds have you taken part in  so far?

a 100


c  None

5 If you were to be a bird , what would you choose to be?

a cuckoo

b a nightingale

c a penguin

Now add up your score and read the appropriate comments below.

0  5 10


2 c,b,a

3 a,b,c

4 c,a,b


0-16 Well ,we suggest you go out and buy yourself a copy of all the nature magazines you can find!

17-34 You try hard, but you're not always sure about your facts.Go and buy yourself a good encyclopedia on nature.

35-50 You are too good to be true. But , if you didn't  cheat, congratulations! Now be a good  citizen and share  your  knowledge with others.

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"The secret garden"

      This morning I watched a  nice  performance. "The  secret garden"it's taken from a book byFrances Hodgson Burnett.

Do you think  Mr Craven   was a good or a bad father? 

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Home sweet home!

           My house

  My house has many rooms

  with windows that catch the sun.

  Outside the house are trees and grass

  where I can jump and run.

  I stand  near my mother in the kitchen

  and watch her make a cake.

  If   I watch her well,

  then I will learn to bake.

  My father  has a room with tools

  that I can sometimes  use.

  Saws and hammers, nails and string-

  my father lets me choose.

   But all of the rooms inside my house,

   my room's the best by far.

   I have  books and planes and cars and trains

  and  marbles in a jar.

How many rooms are there in the house?

Are there trees near the house?

What does the writer's mother bake?

Can the writer use his father's tools?

Is the kitchen the writer's favourite room?

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The plane is the safest means of transportation.

       The 1).......... of the plane welcomed  the passengers on board . The 2)........... asked them to fasten their seat                belts  and switch off their mobiles. When everything was  ok, the plane 3)..........It   was a wonderful trip, the weather was fine and the plane didn't  fall into  an 4) ................. Maria  was sitting near the window  and could admire the view  from above. She remembered  what she had learnt  at school about  the  four 5) .................  of flight and she also tried  to recognise  some parts of the plane. The body  of the plane is called the 6)............ and the wheels  of the plane  are the 7)............. ......... 

Maria could see the8)..............from  the window. The  shape  of the wings helps the plane travel fast  and high.She could  not see  its 9)..........  which is  at the back part  of the plane. After  4 hours  the plane 10)...............  at Heathrow  airport  in London. Maria asked  the airhostess  if she could visit  the pilot  who was  in the11) ...........of the plane. The pilot showed  her some of the instruments that  make the plane  fly and land. Maria was very happy about the exciting  experience!!


  • landed
  • pilot
  • airhostess
  • wings
  • fuselage
  • took off
  • air-pocket
  • forces
  • landing gear
  • tail  
  • cockpit                                                                                
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