I   want to sleep like a bird

              To hide my beak in  my body

              When the morning comes

             Like to jump  and sing

              Looking for something to eat


             When I'm thirsty find a drop of water

            Have a shower in a lake or river

            Build a nest in the woods

            Have a family with many chicks


           In my dreams I'm flying

           I'm happy and calm

           I'm sometimes scared and tremble

           Clean my feathers and body

           Thank God I'm a bird      


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  • Sia, huh? Question: Do you ''swing from the chandelier" a lot?

  • Hello Mrs Sia,

    I really love your poem about birds. As I live with my wife in a new home in a green village, I take up a new hobby of watching wild birds flying, perching, and feeding around my house. 

    Yesterday, a fruit-eating bird was eating papaya hanging low in a tree in my garden. I shooed it away because the papaya was delicious. It had eaten half of it. I cleaned and peeled it and ate the remaining half. I was lucky that the bird hadn't eaten it all up. LOL

    • I would like to thank you for your lovely comment. You are fortunate you live near nature and have a clean atmosphere. 

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