A  flash flood swept across the coastal plain about 100 miles southwest of here , killing scores of villagers in a marketplace yesterday morning.

Reports from the area said 75 bodies had been counted, and dozens, and dozens of people were missing.

The food followed heavy rains which filled the coastal plain's dry creek beds to overflowing . The flood crest, several feet high, hit the village of Khemis Nagua at mid-morning yesterday as farmers from the surrounding area joined townsfolk in an open marketplace.

The roaring waters swept the village's flimsy dwelling places, The market sheds, shoppers, cattle and farm implements for miles across the unobstructed plain. 

       The flood was over almost as soon it started, the reports said, as the crest swept out to sea. Rescue workers quickly moved into the area from Safi, about 25 miles further south.

When did the flood occur?

1 .on the morning of Sept.24

2. in the afternoon of Sept  24

3. in the afternoon of sept .23

4. on the morning of Sept.23

5 the passage does not provide the answer

In which country is the village which was flooded?

1 in Khemis Nagua

2. in Casablanca

3. in Morocco

4. in Safi

5. in Algeria 

6. in England

What happened to the creek beds?

1 they were swept for miles across the plains.

2. The mattresses on them were ruined by the floodwaters.

3. Nothing.

4. They were flooded

5. They were probably swept out of the flimsy houses.

what happened to the crest of the floodwater eventually?

1It went down the drains.

2 It was evaporated by the sun.

3. It went into the sea 

4. It soaked into the ground.

5. It went into the mountains

In what direction would an aeroplane fly from Safi to reach Casablanca?

1 to the south

2. to the southwest

3. to the north

4. to the north-west

5. to the north-east

What does flash mean in line 1 of this passage?

1a bright flash of lightning

2. a storm

3 sudden

4. unexpected despite the climate

5. which came and went very quickly.

What is the meaning of flimsy in line 9 of the passage?

 1 small

2 made of wood 

3. made of mud or clay

4. very weakly constructed

5. crowded and very small

6. connected with the cinema

What do implements refer to in line 10 of the passage?



3 shoppers and cattle

4. wells and irrigation canals 

5. employers

6 .employees

What is the meaning o unobstructed in line 10?

1 .with ranges of hills on it

2. hilly in most places but with valleys at intervals

3 flat and without  barriers of any kind

4. stretching for long-distance, regardless of its physical features

5. devastated by the floodwaters

What does over mean in line 12?

1. beneath 

2  started

3on top of 

4. above 

5. finished

6 at its hight





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