All about heart ....

heartfelt adj=sincere

heartless adj=cold, cruel, icy, steely, stony, unemotional

heart -searching noun = self-examination, self-questioning

hearty adj=a hearty welcome, enthusiastic, warm


heart of a problem = a person or a situation in an unfriendly environment

heart attack=cardiac arrest, heart failure

heart specialist noun =cardiologist

heart to heart =frank

to set your heart on =want

heartache =heartbreak=sorrow

heartbreaking adj=distressing, grievous, pitiful, sad, tragic, heartbroken

heartbroken=degested, desolate,,despairing,miserable

heartburn =indigestion

hearten verb=encourage

he has a weak heart=a bad heart condition

he's got a dicky ticker==his heart stopped beating

hold/clasp/ press somebody to one's heart or chest=  emotional

heart pounded with excitement/emotion

he's kindhearted =good person

his heart is//he has his heart in the right place

he's tenderhearted

he has a heart of gold

my heart bleeds for them

with a heavy heart

your gesture went straight to my heart

heartfelt/devout wishes for a speedy recovery= to become healthy

I was immensely relieved 

open heart operation

heart depth, dead, height, core

in the heart of the city

in the heart of the jungle

get to the heart/bottom of the matter

in the middle/depth/dead of winter

at dead of night

at the height of summer

the core of a fruit/matter

dear heart


open/bear one's heart to somebody

from the bottom of one's heart

have all one's heart in/put all one's heart into something

not have the heart to =do things

I didn't have the heart to refuse

my heart isn't in something, not feel like

his heart isn't in his work

my heart isn't in anything anymore

hold somebody dear

have something at heart

something is close to one's heart

I have your happiness at heart

heartfelt words, words coming from the heart

grudgingly, half-heartedly

heartily,cordially, passionately,with all one's heart

laugh heartily

I'll do so with all my heart

in all conscience, upon one's conscience

I lost my heart to him/her

tear somebody's heart out

after one's own heart

my heart sinks/breaks

in one's heart of hearts

he's got guts/grit, he's got plenty of pluck/spunk, he's a man of mettle/spirit





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  • Oh my goodness, there are so many heart vocabs.I liked it. Thanks for sharing....

  • heartfelt words to you for sharing

  • Looolll hahaha '' Cross my heart '' is  ==A declaration that the speaker is telling the truth  2) On my word ! I swear ...Have a good day 

  • Cross your heart and hope to die.

  • Wow...!  Cross your heart?

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