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Do you agree?

It's been a long time since I shared a blog, because I was busy in studies and other things. Today I thought to share my views on something through blogging. So let's get the ball rolling. 

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. Do you agree?”

I read this quote on the internet and thought to share my views on it. 

     I pretty much agree with the quote because the sole purpose of a business must not be earning money but also a good reputation. No doubt that money is the essential part of the business to progress. But measuring success by how much money a business makes is an unwise thought. The main purpose of a business must be caring for the humanity and earning a good reputation as well as money.

     The money will not last forever but a good reputation will. An entrepreneur’s aim must be to lead the society towards betterment and construct a healthy environment and not being the destruction of it.

     Some companies sell tobacco, alcohol and other health harming things and make money in return. Such business makers do not care about the humanity and just focus on trading money with the death of humanity by advertising destructive things in the world. So, a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Don't forget to share your views as well.

Have a good day EC fellows!

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        I'd been trying to figure out how people can respect someone's personal space? Then I thought to write a few suggestions on how to regard someones' personal space.


  • If someone is having a conversation on a phone call, one must not interrogate about what he is talking to the other person.
  • If someone is at work, one must not interrupt him by addressing or asking him for help.
  • One should try to give a person his area of freedom for everything by not interfering in his affairs.
  • If a person is maintaining a distance from someone, he should respect his choice and avoid forcing him to communicate or keep a relation with him.
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A Sweet Little Love Story!!


We met, we smiled, we laughed, we shared, we cried, we fought, we loved, we struggled and one day we separated, but our hearts never stopped beating for each other. We struggled, we loved, we fought, we shared, we laughed, we smiled, we met; just became the part of our memory and we cried, but all we could do was sacrifice, compromise on our feelings.

P.S; I wrote this story maybe a few years ago, when I came across a movie (I don't remember the name of the movie I'm bad at memorizing the names sorry) in which the  couple shared a good chemistry and because of some misunderstandings they parted from each other; yet they had strong feelings for one another. The compromised on their feelings because of their ego or self-pride.

The story touched me and I tried to reflect what their relationship was with one another.

There is a quote too, which I wrote for the same story;

"Is the silence making us apart; or the misunderstandings taking their part."

Hope you would like it.


Anah Sid!

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Her Dreams Were Strong!!

     It was her dream to see herself as a successful programmer in one of the best and famous company of her time. Her hard work took her on the rank she always dreamed about

     After graduating from an average university, she got chosen as a programmer in her dream company. It was unbelievable for her. Ultimately, she believed and worked very professionally among the highly qualified colleagues.

     Years passed, she earned experience and respect, made few but great friends, collected wonderful memories of her achievements and primarily she met her life partner. It was like, her dream changed her life. A high-flyer, she never fantasies to collide with. Although, it happened. She got married and led a happy life. 


  She was delighted, so many of her untold wishes got listened.

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Dedicated To YOU!

I wrote this blog a few months ago, and shared it to the other site, but now I have decided to share it here, with all of you. I want to dedicate this blog to every READER. The Hollywood movie, Cinderella; inspired me to write this blog.

Don't make someone feel avoided!
Don't talk to someone only when you are bored or have no one to talk!

Be wise. Don't use people. People are not meant to be used; they are meant to be loved, cared and treated honorably.

Be careful, your slight ignorance can mean so much for someone. 
Don't break hearts; focus to rejoin them!

You have to believe in fate. Don't forget; what goes around comes around!

Have courage and be kind . Where there is kindness there is goodness , and where there is goodness there is a magic .

Smile, for you have to live this life happily. Smile, for you are meant to be happy. Smile, for you have to be kind. Smile, for you have reasons to. Smile, for it's made for you. Smile, because you are meant to be loved.
Just Smile :) 


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Page 175- From Anah’s Biography

     It was the day, when Anah was eagerly waiting for her result to be announced.

     His brother entered the room with a newspaper in his hand and gave Anah a confusing look. She was numb, frozen and shocked of what his brother is going to announce. In a single glimpse her mother recognized his brother’s gesture. And played a trick with her.

     Before Anah could take the paper from his brother, her mother interrupted and abruptly snatched the paper and pretended she has failed but, in fact she had passed her exams with great percentage. She got nervous, and burst into tears, went to her room without checking the newspaper. 

     Her mother’s intentions were to surprise Anah with something she wasn’t expecting. In the evening her mother, organized a small surprise party and invited her few close friends too.

     Anah was unaware of her mother’s plan. She came out of her room, whipping her tears off, tried to look normal. However, as soon as she stepped in, the hall where her family members used to sit there was no one. She muttered, mom? But, there was no answer.  She goes further, bumped with a table and immediately settled herself. Her brother switched on the lights. Her friends, siblings’ parents congratulated her and cherished her with great love. Anah’s emotions were not in her control. She burst out crying, when everyone hugged her.

     Anah’s feelings were indescribable. She was happy to see her family and friends celebrating her success with such interest.

I have shared the current page of my life in this challenge. I've actually passed my exams with great percentage. And it's bit fictional. However, the feelings I shared in the challenge are true. Lol. I was numb actually when I was going to hear my result. And when I heard I passed the exams. I actually burst into tears.

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     I have read articles about people who love getting attention by behaving inappropriately. Some may choose positive ways like creating a situation where they are praised or liked by people. And some may don't get bothered about the quality they get. Some get attention by creating a pity situation for themselves. So that people show sympathy towards them. They actually like to be highlighted, no matter what situation/ circumstances they create. They love it as long as people are connected to them through their weird behavior/act.

     It's actually hazardous in many ways for not only the attention seekers but to the victim of their drama. To avoid attention seekers one must not promote or can turn a deaf ear to their silly acts, so that attention seekers will not continue their drama any longer.

     As it's a sign of personality disorder so I would like to spill the beans here. Many people including large number of youngsters are suffering from this disease which is not a disease actually but a virus or an infection which is spreading vigorously, especially over the internet.

     Such mentally disturbed people love getting attention through different cheap ways because they are not getting the appropriate attention from their family, friends and loved ones. The negligence and unsupported behavior of their loved ones may lead them to unsatisfied nature which in turn makes them get attention by creating scenes and drama or by over reacting over simple things, so that people will notice them, and they will be highlighted.

     These are the few things which I myself have encountered a lot of times over the internet and in my personal life too which made me conclude that, their loved ones are not taking care of their emotions and not supporting them. 

     Tell me if you have ever met an attention seeker, not only over the internet but in the real world too. 

P.S: I'm not intended to hurt anyone's feeling. My apologize if this blog post annoyed you or hurt you in any way!

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I guess, I was having BLOG PHOBIA or I was just being lazy to participate in June Blogathon.  But we should never forget the proverb "Better late than never" and we should never underestimate our talent. We just need few words of motivation and we get started! 

Walker had suggested members a topic "Myself". When I was at the mid of his blog, I didn't think to take it serious. But by the end of the blog I took his suggestion as a challenge. So here I am presenting/introducing you "MYSELF".

It's pretty awkward to compliment yourself, but as you guys don't know about me so I will do this awkward job for you. Just to make you know who am I.

It would become lengthy if I try to mention every detail about me so, I am going to make it brief.

I'm fun loving, love laughing. Hate fake relationships and liars. Good sense of humor. I'm trust worthy. Little hasty in taking decisions. I don't consider anyone my enemy. Hard working, kind heart yet emotionally very strong. I don't trust people easily. I neither get hurt easily nor hurt anyone intentionally. I'm talkative. (not in front of strangers)

I guess it's enough. There is no need to elaborate every bit of the detail! :D 

Thanks for reading!

Hope you guys would try to write on this topic as well!

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It's my second entry to June Blogathon! 

This month is of a great significance in my life as, I have learned so many new things only in 1 month. Like other active bloggers, I wanted to become one of them. But, in spite of having a wish I couldn't cope up with my mind/ situation and dropped the idea to blog.

However, I got motivated and convinced myself to write at least a blog. And, there you go, here I am writing a blog. I shouldn't have forgotten the proverb " Better late than never".

I really enjoyed how some of the very active bloggers like Mishaikh, Seeker, Walker, Onee, our Expector Sir have encouraged others to take part in this challenge. It's not only Tara's monthly challenge it's a challenge within a challenge. 

Bloggers are challenging themselves for being the part of this challenge and break their own records of blogs. I liked the idea, how wisely Tara has challenged the learners to motivate themselves and be active through out the month.

Well to be honest, being only a commentator is a full time job. Lol, yes, I felt so. One has to read each and every line of a blog to drop a precise and a brief comment on a blog.

Thanks for the cooperation bloggers. Without you guys it would be impossible for us to break the record! 

Keep blogging and keep motivating the learners to write. 

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Tried my best to participate in Tara's monthly challenge. (Lol I really forgot so many things which I had learned few months ago)

Teachers, I would love to be corrected! So, here is my entry!

To read and write useful blogs should be very important for the English language teachers. They should blog on different, interesting and easy topics to grab the attention of their readers/ learners. A reader/learner would love reading a blog, full of knowledge yet easily understood. Blogging would be a great way for the English language teachers to avoid the misconception regarding, English grammar and vocabularies. Teachers should not blog only to give education to their readers/learners but to educate themselves as well. When the English language teachers blog they will try to use advance vocabulary, authentic knowledge on the particular subject and, for that they will research more, read more which will be beneficial for not only their readers/learners but for them as well. The blogs they write should be so impeccable that there remain, no doubt in the developing knowledge of their readers/ learners. 

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Hey everyone!!! :D

Well I'm not back actually, was just wandering in EC and found this writing prompt interesting and pretty informative so, I thought to give it a try and check if I lost my memory ;) lol ok jokes apart here is my letter to a creepy/careless roommate.

Dear Rosy,

I'm done with your careless nature/habits. You know what? I know, you do know how much I struggle being your roommate. I do the cooking just for the sake of our good relationship as roommate. I do the chores all by myself, and you don't even notice that. I have decided that from now on you will help me doing everything equally. You will do the dishes while I will do the cooking. You will do the laundry and I will do the other things. And please do me a favor, try to cooperate with me.

                                                                                                                              Your roomy,



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      A visit to the old, historical, fascinating museum was a horrible experience for me and my friend Jade. Jade was my compatible friend so I asked him out to come along with me. We shared the expense and reached the old museum by a double story bus. Just in one hour we reached our destination easily.The amazing journey didn't took so long to finish. But the roots which the rude driver took were terrible. For an instance we started to doubt on the driver, if he wanted to kidnap us. But soon the horrible feelings of being kidnapped, vanished and we breathe the fresh air of freedom and reached our place safely. People of the Town seemed weird. One of the malicious looking guy took us to the museum gate. Maybe, we seemed gullible to him that's why he tried to take more rent for his junk ride. Peoples' attitude was not ignorable at all but, we tried our best and became flexible. Sign boards of different sizes outside the museum were fascinating and sensibly written. An astonishing feeling chilled us, as soon as we entered the museum slowly. The environment of the huge museum was not digestible for us. There was something mysterious in the museum. The expensive, historical ornaments, ancient paintings, swords  of famous warriors and other disparate things were not placed properly in the shelves. Everything was tangible and easily accessible. It was weird and pleasant at the same time to be in a museum where no rules or restrictions were applicable. Jade become irresistible when he read, "VISITORS CAN TAKE BOOKS ALONG WITH THEM" on a sign board hung next to the shelves of old, torn and informative books of famous ancient authors. I was sure that there is something weird but Jade turned a deaf ear to my cautious advice. As soon as Jade held the books in his hands the yellow light of the museum turned into red and a terrific noisy alarm sound made us frightened. The smooth floor started to shake up badly. It seemed a horrible earthquake which made us to run for our life. We left the museum as fast as we could and felt ourselves numbed. We don't know how we reached back to our relaxing and comfortable place but, we thanked God for saving us from the horrible museum which made us historical as well. 

I am ready for the mistakes and corrections :D

You can find words ending with -ible or -able, do you know why I used those words so frequently? Oh, its because I wrote it for Writing Prompt ~ -ible or -able? But then I realized I can add some adjectives in it and why not make it Expector's challenge. (I don't know if I did right or not I just made it little fascinating and shared)

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My Addiction Destroyed Me!

It's always easier to resist in the beginning than at the end!

I found this quote on internet and it seemed pretty much true to me.

        I guess we can easily quit any bad habit or unwanted thing towards which we get attached to in the beginning. Because once if we get used to such unwanted things or habits it could/would be difficult for us to get rid of it. So a wise decision is to quit any unwanted thing in the beginning cause it's always easier.

        I would like to share my personal experience pertaining to this quote: 

        I was not fond of songs or music but when I promoted to grade 6th I met a new friend. She was a nice girl but she was addicted to songs and music. She used to sing all day long. As I was in her company I started to listen songs day and night. I didn't knew in the beginning that I'm getting addicted to it. My mother noticed my addiction and very politely she tried to convince me to let go this habit. Listening to songs never seemed harmful to me and I argued with her many times. She alarmed me about the dangers of this addiction. But I didn't noticed that I'm already the victim of this addiction. After few days my mother noticed that I'm getting weaker in studies day by day. She asked me about my poor marks and remind me about my addiction. I couldn't tolerate my bad results and tried very hard to quit this addiction but, I failed. That day my mother remind me about my addiction and said "Excessiveness of any thing can lead you towards destruction". And than I realized that she was right. It was easy for me to resist my addiction in the beginning but I didn't noticed that and suffered a lot. 

         It may sound weird or silly to some people but it is a serious problem for me as I lost my enthusiasm in my studies due to that addiction. 

        We all have some addictions but maybe we are too busy to notice them. I am grateful to my mother that she took me out from it so wisely. She didn't forced me but let me experience it all by myself. So that I could learn from it and be aware of such things or addictions in future as well.

        I can control myself now, I know when to stop and when to ignore. I learned that prevention is better than cure. 

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Thanks a lot Luci for such amazing challenge. :D

Once upon a time there was an Island of aliens where toilet paper was the only abundantly grown plant found. Houses were like a broken egg with green lighting inside them and the shell of the eggs were brown. The aliens saw a flying bicycle on the sky and took shelter in their green lighted broken eggs, because they were afraid of humans. Soon the flying bicycle landed on the Island and a human stepped down from it, holding a big empty bag and started to explore the fields of toilet paper. The human had a sharp knife in the other hand and was running furiously here and there destroying every obstacle in his way. The wild human found a baby alien during exploration of the fields and he tortured him with his taunting sharp tongue and asked him about the fields. The baby alien was afraid of him and told him where the fields are grown. Soon he found the fields and started to fill his bag with toilet paper. Then he loaded the bag in his flying bicycle and went on his way to EARTH where there was a shortage of toilet papers. (Do you know why that human took off hurriedly? buhahahah :D Because he wanted to use those toilet papers badly :P)

Hope you guys enjoy it. :P

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It's really difficult for me to write dialogues but, still I am giving myself a chance.

I have tried to a write dialogue between two friends one of whom lacks confidence.

Tom: Hey, how are you Elly.

Elly: Hi, I'm just fine!

Tom: Just fine? Why? What happened?

Elly: I'm nervous!

Tom: Oh, why you are nervous? Dear you can share your problem with me. Tell me what is bothering you? I will surely try to fix your problem!

Elly: You are my good friend and, I'm sure you probably take me out from the problem.

Tom: Sure, I would love to help you dear.

Elly: I have been selected for a speech competition. And I'm feeling nervous.

Tom: Woa! Congrats dear. I know why you are nervous. You lack confidence in public. Am I right?

Elly: Excatly! This is the whole problem. I am feeling nervous and afraid of peoples' reaction on my speech in the auditorium.

Tom: Hm, so this is it? Come'on dear I am sure you can do it very well.

Elly: I really wish, I could do it without nervousness. Could you suggest me something to overcome my nervousness and lack of confidence?

Tom: Sure, why not? But, first of all take a deep breath and relax. Panicking or feeling nervousness can't help you in building up your confidence. Take a chill pill honey!

Elly: You always cheer me up. I know, if you encourage me, I would probably feel relax and  will give a great speech in front of people.

Tom: Believe in yourself, this is the key point. Hmm, now let me suggest you something to overcome this problem. When you are standing next to a dais, in front of people in the auditorium, be careful with your gestures. Don't try to make eye contact with people, sitting in the auditorium. Try to focus on your speech rather than the crowd. It will surely help you not to lose your self-confidence.

Elly: Tom I really hope it will work.

Tom: It will, dear, it will work. Just remember what I said and you will  succeed. I am sure.

Elly: Thanks so much for such friendly suggestions Tom. I 'm sure you will help me to solve the problem. I shall go now, and rehearse the speech. Thanks once again dear.

Tom: Wish you luck dear. See you in the auditorium!

(I'm sure I have made so many grammatical and punctuation errors...! eh looking forward to corrections :D ) 

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Writing Prompt: A piece of advice

Dear Tim,

Your winter vacations have just started and I am sure you will have plenty of leisure time. I would like to advise you to take advantage of this free time and start reading a good book or try to read some random short stories. Reading something like fantasy/fiction could be very beneficial for you, as reading fiction will help you to build up your imagination skills. It can help you to improve your vocabulary too. Take advantage of this piece of advice. My teacher once gave me the same advice and it was really beneficial for me. I really feel proud of having such teacher who gave me a useful piece of advice. I want you to pay attention to my sincere advice and make your vacation more enjoyable.

Your friend, Anah

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Colorful EC Stickers :D

It's really amazing and lovely at the same time watching your favorite website progressing or getting advanced. Let me introduce you to EC Stickers!!!!!, these stickers are free and can be used in blogs, discussions or even in comments on your friend's page. You just have to download them in your phone, tablet or personal computers. To download the EC Stickers you just have to right click on the image and save them in your PC, or if you are using tablet or mobile just long-touch the image and save. 

Check this out!!!

So enjoy your stay using the EC Stickers! :D 

Let me share some of my favorite stickers here! :D

Aww Tara Benwell, thanks for adding these cute Stickers in EC. 

Don't forget to bless your friends a happy life! :D

You can console your friends, by saying/sharing this! :D

And that's the most important Sticker I guess, humorous people don't forget to share this one after having fun with your friends! :D

Life is really beautiful so enjoy it before it melts! :D 

Hey, friends don't forget to say this when you are leaving. Sometimes someone just need a little care! :D 

Don't forget to utilize these free stickers! :D 

Have fun EC fellas. 

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Writing Prompt: Double letter words

The teacher corrected the mistakes she made in her assignment and collaborated with her. She acceded her mistakes with her whole heart. In spite of her arrogant and annoying nature everyone used to love her. She was a lady with inflammable temper. She didn't asset to her class mate's proposal. As she stood in University Elections, she canvassed for votes. The session was over when she arrived. On her way back she collided with a guy and he confessed that he loves her. She turned a deaf ear and moved quickly. She used currants to make a cake while watching the current affairs on T.V. The immigrants in her city violated the rules of traffic. The Govt. took action and said "If the immigrants keep violating the rules than a charge on them is imminent" and said "The immigrants have to flee from the country if the rate of violation increased."

Looking forward to senior's correction!

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