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Music - A way to learn English


Of late I have been listening a great deal of music. During lockdown it has proved to be my savior- a Knight in shining armor. Unimaginable, how I would have survived staying in without melody. Thought I should shed light on what role music plays in our lives.  Although there are many pros of listening music, I will be focusing on its transcendence in English learning.

First of all we need to take cognizance that music is not just playing of different instruments in a synchronized manner so that

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MyEC Video Guidelines

The MyEC Video Gallery has a variety of video collection that can be useful in learning or teaching English. The EC Team is currently categorizing the collection to find videos easier, and to choose videos according to your interest.

If you want to be equipped with your English, you can watch videos from our Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Learning English tabs. There, you'll find informative videos from our ESL teachers and active members of MyEC. Perhaps you love singing, you can practi

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