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It's been a long time since I shared a blog, because I was busy in studies and other things. Today I thought to share my views on something through blogging. So let's get the ball rolling. 

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. Do you agree?”

I read this quote on the internet and thought to share my views on it. 

     I pretty much agree with the quote because the sole purpose of a business must not be earning money but also a good reputation. No doubt that money is the essential part of the business to progress. But measuring success by how much money a business makes is an unwise thought. The main purpose of a business must be caring for the humanity and earning a good reputation as well as money.

     The money will not last forever but a good reputation will. An entrepreneur’s aim must be to lead the society towards betterment and construct a healthy environment and not being the destruction of it.

     Some companies sell tobacco, alcohol and other health harming things and make money in return. Such business makers do not care about the humanity and just focus on trading money with the death of humanity by advertising destructive things in the world. So, a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Don't forget to share your views as well.

Have a good day EC fellows!

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  • Luci, Dara, Wazir, AG, English speaker, Roman and Onee thanks guys for liking it and sharing your precious views on it. :)

  • Woww!! Anah, I admire your courage to say such things to the ones who sell tobacco, alcohol and other health harming things. :)

    Sure, I agree with you. When caring for the humanity was concerned in the business, people involved may feel satisfied with the efforts. The skill for that will lead a smart businessman to the successful life with great of good reputation. 

    Glad to see you writing again. ^^

  • I agree with you for 99%. It is very good blog that can "open eyes" of some people:)

  • I fully agree with you

    ........... because money is not everything to be considered in anybody's livelihood.  The real business is an enterpreneurship which may feed many families and mostly focus on welfare of the society and the nation as a whole.  If the businessmen keep the goal of social welfare first, then the people will work for the success of that business and in such a way, it will be beneficial for both of them, the society and the people....

  • Agree.. 

    I can also add that there are values which are not less important that money or reputation... for example, I can't imagine myself doing a job which can not teach me and increase my experience everyday... I can't imagine myself a doorkeeper or a data-entry officer, ..etc. those professions (although they are indispensable many times) do not suit my character at all, because I believe strongly that work is much more than making money.. 

  • Kiya haal hain Anah Sid? Main nahi tum ku itifaq hain. Welcome back. I hope you are doing well with your studies. Money is important. If the organization or company makes money and nothing else, It is a good one. They say money can talk. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello Anah... as far as people are so stupid to support such business, invest money in it, buying such harmful products etc - > it will be ofc succesful ...logical. So why to cry over spilled milk as there are such bastards who don't care about health of others BUT just their money HOWEVER each individual; who can't stop smoking, drinking etc. literally put money into their pockets :/
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