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The Prepositions # 1

Although the best way to learn the correct use of prepositions  is by reading and practicing more exercises  ,but there are certain rules which are worth knowing.
I think we should revise these rules from time to time to refresh our memories for the s

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Ten Important Hints on Writing

1- Before writing anything make a short plan of your entire  composition ,using any help ( pictures -videos - quotes .....)

2-Use only words and constructions with which you are familiar, or use  some help from  good dictionaries to look up the new wo

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Verbs Often Confused

In English there are many verbs that we get confused with.Some of those confusing verbs are :

 -" Been " and  " gone" :

The past participle of go is gone ,but when we want to imply that somebody has not only gone to a place but left it as well , we use

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